About Bus Fleet Lists at Quack77

A free online database of British buses and coaches that anyone can edit (though currently only to a limited extent).


Any operational PCV (passenger carrying vehicle), and licensed operator thereof, in Great Britain, is in scope, and will be included on request. "Operational" means available for carrying passengers for hire or reward, or, if not currently available for such use, there is good reason to presume such unavailability is temporary. My aim is to include as a minimum anything that is used on a regular scheduled public bus or coach service.

The data is some way from being complete; at the moment there are roughly 54,700 operational vehicles on the database, and I'm adding about 100 a week. (For comparison, Government statistics suggest that there are currently around 100,000 active PCVs in Great Britain.)

Sources of information

I research each vehicle individually; my primary source is the photo sharing website Flickr, along with the DVLA vehicle check service, with the latter mainly invoked when a vehicle is old and/or there are no recent photographs of it online. My starting points for searches include suggestions made via the vehicle search facility, my own observations, lists sent to me, and other lists available online.

Re-use of information

Any information on this site may be freely re-used, though no reliance should be placed on its accuracy or currency.


I do plan to extend this at some point, though I first need to upgrade my hosting to enable secure login, otherwise I can't grant additional editing rights to some people without granting them to everyone on the Internet, which probably isn't a great idea. Bear with me. In the meantime I will at some point add a facility to suggest changes to fleet numbers and registrations (subject to administrator review).