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Updated 21 Jul 2022

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B17 HTLBicesterVolvo B10M / Jonckheere DeauvilleHeyfordian white/grey
XCT 550BicesterVolvo B10M / Jonckheere DeauvilleWhite
C14 HTLBicesterVolvo B10M / Jonckheere DeauvilleHeyfordian white/grey
8216 FNBicesterVolvo B10M / Jonckheere DeauvilleHeyfordian white/grey
C15 HTLBicesterVolvo B10M / Jonckheere DeauvilleHeyfordian white/grey
DXZ 4633BicesterVolvo B10M / Jonckheere DeauvilleHeyfordian white/grey
DXZ 4634BicesterVolvo B10M / Jonckheere DeauvilleHeyfordian white/grey
C12 HTLBicesterVolvo B10M / Jonckheere DeauvilleHeyfordian white/grey
B16 HTLBicesterVolvo B10M / Van Hool AlizeeHeyfordian white
B15 TCLBicesterDennis Javelin / Plaxton PrimaHeyfordian white/grey
B13 TCLBicesterVolvo B10M / Van Hool AlizeeHeyfordian white/grey
T4 GLFBicesterVolvo B10M / Van Hool AlizeeHeyfordian white/grey
B17 TCLBicesterVolvo B10M / Van Hool AlizeeHeyfordian white/grey
B18 TCLBicesterVolvo B10M / Van Hool AlizeeHeyfordian white/grey
4078 NUBicesterVolvo B10M / Jonckheere DeauvilleHeyfordian white/grey
C8 HTLBicesterVolvo B10M / Jonckheere MistralHeyfordian white/grey
LW51 ZMXBicesterVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400White
LW51 ZMYBicesterVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400non-standard
LW51 ZMZBicesterVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400non-standard
C9 HTLBicesterVolvo B10M / Jonckheere MistralHeyfordian white/grey
B11 HTLBicesterVolvo B12M / Jonckheere MistralHeyfordian white/grey
B10 HTLBicesterVolvo B12M / Jonckheere MistralHeyfordian white/grey
C7 HTLBicesterVolvo B12M / Sunsundegui SideralHeyfordian white/grey
C13 HTLBicesterVolvo B12M / Sunsundegui SideralHeyfordian white/grey
C19 HTLBicesterVolvo B12M / Plaxton ParagonHeyfordian white
N70 HEYBicesterVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileHeyfordian white/grey
B13 HTLBicesterVolvo B12M / Jonckheere MistralHeyfordian white/grey
B12 HTLBicesterVolvo B12M / Jonckheere MistralHeyfordian white/grey
C6 HTLBicesterVolvo B12B / Sunsundegui SideralHeyfordian white/grey
B20 HTLBicesterVolvo B12M / Plaxton PantherHeyfordian white
K70 HEYBicesterMAN / Ayats BravoHeyfordian white/grey
C17 HTLBicesterMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Ferqui SorocoHeyfordian white
L70 HEYBicesterMAN / Ayats BravoHeyfordian white/grey
SK07 CFVBicester (*)Volvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseLothian Buses
SK07 CFZBicester (*)Volvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseLothian Buses
C20 HTLBicesterMAN / Beulas CygnusHeyfordian white
MX08 MHZBicesterLDV ConvoyHeyfordian white/grey
SN08 BXPBicester (*)Volvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiLothian Buses
SN08 BXYBicester (*)Volvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiLothian Buses
SN08 BYOBicester (*)Volvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiLothian Buses
BX60 CKNBicester (-)King Long C9non-standard
C18 HTLBicesterVolvo 9700Heyfordian white/grey
CX12 SETBicesterNeoplan TourlinerHeyfordian white
JG12 SETBicesterNeoplan TourlinerHeyfordian white
YX63 NFFBicesterVolvo B9R / Plaxton PantherHeyfordian white
LK16 VLBBicesterMercedes-Benz Atego / Ferqui F5Heyfordian white
PO16 HTDBicesterMAN / Mobipeople ExplorerHeyfordian white
OU17 ORWBicesterNeoplan TourlinerHeyfordian white
OU17 ORXBicesterNeoplan TourlinerHeyfordian white
OU17 ORYBicesterNeoplan TourlinerHeyfordian white
OU17 ORZBicesterNeoplan TourlinerHeyfordian white
OU17 OSEBicesterNeoplan TourlinerHeyfordian white
OU17 OSFBicesterNeoplan TourlinerHeyfordian white
OU17 OTEBicesterNeoplan TourlinerHeyfordian white
OU17 OTFBicesterNeoplan TourlinerHeyfordian white
PO17 EJXBicesterMAN / Mobipeople ExplorerHeyfordian white
WJ17 EYXBicesterMAN / Beulas JewelHeyfordian white
BX67 AUCBicesterKing Long C9Heyfordian white
PO67 EWWBicesterMAN / Mobipeople ExplorerHeyfordian white
PO67 EXBBicesterMAN / Mobipeople ExplorerHeyfordian white
PO67 EXCBicesterMAN / Mobipeople ExplorerHeyfordian white
YG67 FZMBicesterMAN / Beulas CygnusHeyfordian white
YG67 FZNBicesterMAN / Beulas CygnusHeyfordian white
YG67 FZOBicesterMAN / Beulas CygnusHeyfordian white
YG67 FZPBicesterMAN / Beulas JewelHeyfordian white
YG67 FZRBicesterMAN / Beulas CygnusHeyfordian white
PO68 BYHBicesterMAN / Mobipeople ExplorerHeyfordian white
PO68 BYJBicesterMAN / Mobipeople ExplorerHeyfordian white