Borders Buses

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Updated 18 May 2024

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10601YN07 VMPGalashiels (t)Volvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
10724SF57 JRXBerwickMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahWhite
10727YN57 BVZGalashielsVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileBorders Buses
10728YN57 BWUGalashielsVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileBorders Buses
10901YJ09 OUGBerwickOptare SoloBorders Buses
10903YN09 KHJBerwickVolvo B9R / Plaxton PantherWhite
10904YN59 BKYBerwickMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahBorders Buses
10909LX59 CLUGalashielsScania OmniCity (d/d)White
11001BK10 MFPMelroseVolvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 2West Coast Motors
11002CN10 HFWBerwickVolvo B9R / Plaxton EliteWhite
11021LX59 CMUGalashielsScania OmniCity (d/d)White
11101YJ11 EJVBerwickOptare Solo SRWhite
11102YJ11 EJXBerwickOptare Solo SRWhite
11103YJ11 EJYGalashielsOptare Solo SRWhite
11108YT11 LSEGalashielsScania OmniCity (d/d)West Coast Motors
11115YR61 RTUGalashielsScania OmniCity (d/d)Borders Buses
11119YJ11 OHWGalashielsOptare Solo SRnon-standard
11203YX61 ELVBerwick (t)Alexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
11232SB12 WDEBerwickVolvo B9R / Plaxton EliteBorders Buses
11301YA13 AEBBerwickOptare VersaWest Coast Motors
11303YA13 AEDBerwickOptare VersaBorders Buses
11304YA13 AEEMelroseOptare VersaBorders Buses
11305YA13 AEFMelroseOptare VersaBorders Buses
11306YA13 AEGGalashielsOptare VersaBorders Buses
11307YA13 AEJMelroseOptare VersaBorders Buses
11308YA13 AEKMelroseOptare VersaBorders Buses
11309YA13 AELBerwickOptare VersaBorders Buses
11310YA13 AEMGalashielsOptare VersaWhite
11311YA13 AENMelroseOptare VersaBorders Buses
11312YA13 AEOGalashielsOptare VersaBorders Buses
11323YJ13 HHZGalashielsOptare VersaBorders Buses
11324MX13 KTKGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200Borders Buses
11401BU14 EHWGalashielsVolvo B7RLE / MCV EvolutionWhite
11405YJ14 BAUGalashielsOptare Solo SRBorders Buses
11410F17 LNEBerwickMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahBorders Buses
11412F2 LNEGalashielsScania / Irizar i6West Coast Motors
11413F6 LNEGalashielsScania / Irizar i6West Coast Motors
11501SN15 LJFGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro300Borders Buses
11502SN15 LJJGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro300White
11503YJ15 AAXGalashielsOptare Solo SRWhite
11504YJ15 AAYBerwickOptare Solo SRBorders Buses
11505YJ65 EURGalashielsOptare Solo SRWhite
11506F16 LNEBerwickMercedes-Benz Atego / Plaxton Cheetah XLWest Coast Motors
11519YJ65 EWLBerwickOptare Solo SRWest Coast Motors
11523F10 LNEGalashielsScania / Irizar i6White
11526SN15 KMVBerwickVolvo B9R / Plaxton EliteBorders Buses
11611SN16 OXTGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
11612SN16 OXUGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
11613SN16 OXVGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
11614SN16 OXWGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
11619YN66 BBVGalashielsScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCnon-standard
11622YN16 CFUGalashielsScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCnon-standard
11702YJ17 FWSGalashielsOptare MetroCityWhite
11703YJ17 FWTGalashielsOptare MetroCityWhite
11705YJ17 FWVGalashielsOptare MetroCityWhite
11706YJ17 FWWBerwickOptare MetroCityBorders Buses
11725YJ17 FZAGalashielsOptare MetroCityBorders Buses
11726YJ17 FZBBerwickOptare MetroCityBorders Buses
11727YJ17 FZCBerwickOptare MetroCityBorders Buses
11728YJ17 FZDBerwickOptare MetroCityBorders Buses
11801YX67 UZBGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCBorders Buses
11901SK19 ELVGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCBorders Buses
11902SK19 ELWGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCBorders Buses
11903SK19 ELXGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCBorders Buses
11906YX19 MRUBerwickVolvo B8R / Plaxton LeopardBorders Buses
11907YX19 MRVBerwickVolvo B8R / Plaxton LeopardBorders Buses
11913SN69 ZNCGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
11914SN69 ZNDBerwickAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
11915SN69 ZNFBerwickAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
11916SN69 ZNGBerwickAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
11917SN69 ZNHGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
11918SN69 ZNJGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
11919SN69 ZNKGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
11920SN69 ZNLGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
11921SN69 ZNMGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
11922SN69 ZNOGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
12001YX20 ODKGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
12002YX20 ODMGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
12003YX20 ODNGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
12004YX20 ODPGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
12005YX20 ODRGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
12006YX20 ODSGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
12007YX20 ODTGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
12008YX20 ODUGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
12009YX20 ODVGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
12010YX20 ODWGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCBorders Buses
12104RJ21 XDKBerwickMercedes-Benz SprinterBorders Buses
12105RJ21 XDLBerwickMercedes-Benz SprinterBorders Buses
12106RJ21 XDOBerwickMercedes-Benz SprinterBorders Buses
12209YX72 OMLGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCWhite
12210YX72 OMKGalashielsAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCWhite
12304RX23 TFOBerwickMercedes-Benz SprinterWest Coast Motors
12305GX23 BZKBerwickAOS Grand ToroWest Coast Motors
12317SJ23 HRWBerwickVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraWest Coast Motors