This website was recently hacked and the interactive aspects are currently unavailable.

I am still nowhere near having cross-checked everything I've restored against what I've been sent, so treat all data with more caution than usual!

Fleet lists

A-Line Coaches (N.E.)
A2B Travel (Wirral)
Acorn Travel
Aintree Coachline
Alfa Travel
Arriva Buses Wales
Arriva London
Arriva Midlands
Arriva North East
Arriva North West
Arriva Southern Counties
Arriva The Shires
Arriva Yorkshire
Axe Valley / AVMT Buses
Bakers Coaches (Yeovil)
Banga Buses
Bath Bus Company
Belfast City Sightseeing
Bennetts Coaches
Big Bus Tours
The Big Lemon
Birmingham Airport
Birmingham International Coaches
Black Cat Travel
Blackpool Transport
Bridgnorth & Stourport Coaches
Brighton & Hove
Brighton Horizon Coaches
British Blue Tours
Buckleys Coach Holidays
Bus na Comhairle
Bus Vannin
Cardiff Bus
Cardinal Buses
Carousel Buses
City Sights Liverpool
Compass Bus (Sussex)
Cuckmere Buses
D & G Bus
Dales Travel (Sandycroft)
David Goodfellow Travel
Diamond Bus East Midlands
Diamond Bus North West
Diamond Bus West Midlands
East Coast Buses
East Yorkshire
Edward Thomas & Son
Ellisons Travel
First Aberdeen
First Berkshire
Buses of Somerset
First Cymru
First Eastern Counties
First Essex
First Glasgow
First Greater Manchester
First Hampshire and Dorset
First Kernow
First Midlands
First South Yorkshire
First West of England
First West Yorkshire
First York
Forge Travel
Galson Motors
George Edwards & Son
Globe Holidays
Go East Anglia
Go North East
Go North West
Go South Coast
Go To Town (West Norfolk Community Transport)
GoAhead London
The Green Bus
Hams Travel
Harpur's Coaches
Hebridean Transport
Henshaws (Notts.)
High Peak
Hopley's Coaches
HTL Buses
Hulleys of Baslow
Ipswich Buses
Jamiesons Coaches
Johnson Bros.
Jubilee Coaches
Keane's Coaches
Kent Coach Tours
KT's Coaches of Kendal
Lewis - Rhydlewis
P & O Lloyd
Lloyds Coaches
Lochs Motor Transport
Lothian Buses
MacDonald Coaches
MacLennan Coaches
Macleod's Coaches
Maghull Coaches
Magical Mystery Tour
Marshalls of Sutton-on-Trent
Mid Wales Travel
National Express West Midlands
Newport Bus
Nottingham City Transport
Oxford Bus Company
Pats Coaches
Paul S. Winson
Portsmouth City Coaches
Premier Travel (Walsall)
Prentice of Haddington
Preston Bus
Rambler Coaches
RATP London
Reading Buses
Regent Coaches
Sanders Coaches
Seaford and District
Select Bus Services
Seven Sisters Bus & Coach
Shetland Islands Council
Shoreline Suncruiser
Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire
Stagecoach East
Stagecoach East Midlands
Stagecoach East Scotland
Stagecoach London
Stagecoach Manchester
Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire
Stagecoach Midlands
Stagecoach North East
Stagecoach North Scotland
Stagecoach South
Stagecoach South East
Stagecoach South Wales
Stagecoach South West
Stagecoach West
Stagecoach West Scotland
Stagecoach Yorkshire
Sullivan Buses
Tamar Coaches
Taylors Coach Travel
Thames Travel
Titanic and City Tours
TM Travel
Tours Isle of Man
Transdev (Lancs.)
Transdev (Yorks.)
Transport UK London
Travel de Courcey
Unicorn Travel
University of Wolverhampton
Vickery's Luxury Travel
Warrington's Own Buses
White Bus Services
White Lion Coaches
Wight Coaches
Xplore Dundee
1st Choice Transport (incomplete)
2 Way Transport (incomplete)
A & A Coach Travel (Yorkshire) (incomplete)
A & A Travel (Sussex) (incomplete)
A & P Travel (incomplete)
A & S Coaches (incomplete)
A Line (Cornwall) (incomplete)
A-Line Coaches (Coventry) (incomplete)
A.A.A. Coaches (incomplete)
A1 Coaches (Merseyside) (incomplete)
A1 Coaches (Methil) (incomplete)
A2B (Cambridge) (incomplete)
A2B Newquay / Premier Cornwall (incomplete)
Aaron's of Wick (incomplete)
Abbey Coaches (Neilston) (incomplete)
Abbott's of Leeming (incomplete)
ABC Coach Hire (incomplete)
AC's Taxis & Minibuses (incomplete)
Acklams (incomplete)
Adventure Travel (incomplete)
Aimée's (incomplete)
Aircoach (incomplete)
Airport Bus Express (incomplete)
AirSym (incomplete)
Alan Davies Travel (incomplete)
Alba Coaches (Newbridge) (incomplete)
Alba Travel (incomplete)
Aldermaston Coach Lines (incomplete)
Allander Travel (incomplete)
Amans Travel (incomplete)
Ambassador Travel / Semmence (incomplete)
Amble Coaches (incomplete)
Amport & District (incomplete)
Amvale (incomplete)
Anderson Travel (London) (incomplete)
Anderson's of Langholm (incomplete)
Andrew James Quality Travel / Andybus (incomplete)
Andrew's (Shetland) (incomplete)
Andrew's of Tideswell (incomplete)
Andrews Coaches (Foxton) (incomplete)
Angela Coaches (incomplete)
Anitas (incomplete)
Anthony's Travel (incomplete)
AOT Coaches (incomplete)
APH (Airport Parking and Hotels) (incomplete)
Apple Travel (incomplete)
Applegates International (incomplete)
Archway Travel (incomplete)
Arena Travel (incomplete)
ASD Coaches (incomplete)
Ashcroft's (incomplete)
Ashcrofts Mini Travel / Memory Lane (incomplete)
Ashley Travel (incomplete)
Aspect Travel (incomplete)
Aston Manor Coaches (incomplete)
Astons (incomplete)
Atkinsons (Ingleby) (incomplete)
Atkinsons of Ripon (incomplete)
Atlantic Executive Travel (Heywood) (incomplete)
Atlantic Travel (Bolton) (incomplete)
Attain Travel (incomplete)
Ausden Clark (incomplete)
Austin Travel (incomplete)
Ava Coach (incomplete)
Avondale (incomplete)
Aziz (incomplete)
Bagnalls (incomplete)
Bakers (Moreton-in-Marsh) (incomplete)
Bakers Dolphin (incomplete)
Ballantyne (incomplete)
Barton Coach Co. (incomplete)
Bay Travel (incomplete)
Bayliss Executive Travel (incomplete)
Bear Buses (incomplete)
Beaver Bus (incomplete)
Beeline (Manchester) (incomplete)
Beeline (R & R) (incomplete)
Beestons (incomplete)
Beewise Travel (incomplete)
Bella Road Services (incomplete)
Belle Coaches (incomplete)
Belle Vue (incomplete)
Bells Coaches (incomplete)
Berkeley Coach and Travel (incomplete)
Berrys (incomplete)
Berwyn Coaches (incomplete)
Bibby's of Ingleton (incomplete)
The Big Coach Company (incomplete)
Big Green Bus (incomplete)
Black & White Coaches (incomplete)
Blackburn Private Hire (incomplete)
Blakes Coaches (incomplete)
Bland's (incomplete)
Blue Bus (incomplete)
Blue Sky Coaches (incomplete)
Bluebird Coaches (Weymouth) (incomplete)
Blunsdon's of Oxford (incomplete)
BM Coaches (incomplete)
BorderBus (incomplete)
Borders Buses (incomplete)
Bradshaw's (incomplete)
Brent Thomas (incomplete)
Bretherton's Gold Line Tours (incomplete)
Brian Jones Coaches (incomplete)
Brigit's Afternoon Tea Bus (incomplete)
Brit Coaches (incomplete)
Britannia Bus (incomplete)
Britannia Executive (Hitchin) (incomplete)
Britannia Parking Services (incomplete)
Bromsgrove Bus & Coach (incomplete)
Brookline Cars (Kenilworth) (incomplete)
Brookline Coaches (Kent) (incomplete)
Bruce Coaches (incomplete)
Bugler Coaches (incomplete)
Bustronome (incomplete)
Butler Brothers (incomplete)
C & M Coaches (incomplete)
Caelloi Motors (incomplete)
Caledonian Travel (incomplete)
Cambridge Buses (incomplete)
Cambridge Coaches / SunFun (incomplete)
Canavan Travel (incomplete)
Candy Executive (London) (incomplete)
Candy Tours (Hampshire) (incomplete)
Cannon BBT / Parrs Executive (incomplete)
Caradoc Coaches (incomplete)
Carreglefn (incomplete)
Carrs (AJ & NM) (incomplete)
Carrs Loch Lomond (incomplete)
Carvers (incomplete)
Catteralls of Southam (incomplete)
Cawthorne's Travel (incomplete)
CCH (Comet Car Hire) (incomplete)
Celtic Travel (incomplete)
Centaur (incomplete)
Central Coaches (Aberdeen) (incomplete)
Central Coaches (Melton Mowbray) (incomplete)
Central Taxis Gateshead (incomplete)
Central Travel Sheffield (incomplete)
Centurion Travel (incomplete)
Chalfont Coaches (incomplete)
Chalkwell (incomplete)
Chandlers (incomplete)
Charlton Minicoaches (incomplete)
Charlton Services (incomplete)
Cheney Travel (incomplete)
Chesters Coaches (incomplete)
Chiltern Travel (incomplete)
City Circle (incomplete)
City Transport Group (incomplete)
CJJ Coaches (incomplete)
Clarkes of London (incomplete)
Cludiant Cymru (incomplete)
Clynnog & Trefor (incomplete)
Coach Services (incomplete)
Coach Tours & Travel Wolverhampton (incomplete)
Coachleasing.com (incomplete)
Coachstyle (incomplete)
Coastal & Country Coaches (incomplete)
Coastal Coaches (incomplete)
Coatham Coaches (incomplete)
Colchri (incomplete)
Commandery Coaches (incomplete)
Company Coaches (incomplete)
Compass Royston (incomplete)
Confidence (incomplete)
Connexions Buses (incomplete)
Cooper's Tourmaster (incomplete)
Coopers Tours (incomplete)
Copelands (incomplete)
Corbel of London (incomplete)
Cotswold Green (incomplete)
Country Bus (incomplete)
Country Lion (incomplete)
Craigs Coaches (Cumbernauld) (incomplete)
Cranberry Coachways (incomplete)
Crawley Luxury Coaches (incomplete)
Creigiau Travel (incomplete)
N.N. Cresswell (incomplete)
Crosskeys Coaches (incomplete)
CTS - Coach Travel Services (incomplete)
Cymru Coaches (incomplete)
D W Coaches (incomplete)
D&E Coaches (incomplete)
Daish's Holidays (incomplete)
Dan's Coach Travel (incomplete)
Dartline (incomplete)
Davies Coaches (Cwmgwili) (incomplete)
Davies Coaches (Leeswood) (incomplete)
De-Luxe Coach Services (incomplete)
Delta Coaches (incomplete)
Derbyshire Community Transport (incomplete)
Deveron Coaches (incomplete)
Dews (incomplete)
Dhillon of London (incomplete)
Diamond Bus South East (incomplete)
Dilwyn's Coaches (incomplete)
Discount Travel (incomplete)
Discover Dorset (incomplete)
DJ Coaches (incomplete)
Docherty's Midland Coaches (incomplete)
Dodsworths (incomplete)
Doig's of Glasgow (incomplete)
Dolphin Travel (incomplete)
Don Fraser (incomplete)
Don's of Dunmow (incomplete)
door2door / Midland General (incomplete)
Dovers (incomplete)
C.J. Down (incomplete)
Dreamline Travel (incomplete)
DRM (incomplete)
Dumfries & Galloway Council (incomplete)
Dunwood Travel (incomplete)
Eagle of Bristol (incomplete)
Eagles Coaches (Norfolk) (incomplete)
Earnside Coaches (incomplete)
Eazibus (incomplete)
Ebley Coaches (incomplete)
The Eden (incomplete)
Edinburgh Coach Lines (incomplete)
Edwards Bros. (Tiers Cross) (incomplete)
Edwards Coaches (incomplete)
L.J. Edwards (incomplete)
Eifions (incomplete)
Elcock Reisen (incomplete)
Ellenvale (incomplete)
Ellie Rose UK (incomplete)
Ellison's Coaches (Ashton Keynes) (incomplete)
Ember (incomplete)
Enterprise Travel (incomplete)
Esk Valley (incomplete)
Essbee (incomplete)
Eurocoaches (incomplete)
Evans Coaches Tregaron (incomplete)
Eve Coaches (incomplete)
Expressway of Rotherham (incomplete)
Falcon Buses (incomplete)
Falcon Coaches (Hertfordshire) (incomplete)
Faresaver (incomplete)
Farleigh Coaches (incomplete)
Felixstowe Travel (incomplete)
Fenn Holidays (incomplete)
Fernhill Travel (incomplete)
Ferris Holidays (incomplete)
Festival Travel (incomplete)
Ffoshelig Coaches (incomplete)
Filers Travel (incomplete)
Finches (incomplete)
First Group (unknown division) (incomplete)
Fishers Tours (incomplete)
Flagfinders (incomplete)
Fords of Althorne (incomplete)
Forest Travel Holidays (incomplete)
Fourway of Leeds (incomplete)
Fourways Coaches (Chelmsford) (incomplete)
Fowlers Travel (incomplete)
Freeway Coaches (incomplete)
FromeBus (incomplete)
FTS (Fussell's Travel Service) (incomplete)
Furlongs (incomplete)
G-Line Holidays (incomplete)
Gaerwen Coaches (incomplete)
Galloway (incomplete)
Garelochhead Coaches (incomplete)
Garnetts (incomplete)
Gastonia (incomplete)
GDS Travel (incomplete)
Gee-Vee Travel (incomplete)
Gem Mini Travel (incomplete)
GEM Travel (incomplete)
Glen Valley Tours (incomplete)
Global Travel (Staffordshire) (incomplete)
Glovers of Ashbourne (incomplete)
Golden Boy (incomplete)
Golden Tours (incomplete)
Goldline Executive Travel (incomplete)
Goodsir Coaches (incomplete)
Go Goodwins (incomplete)
Goodyear Coaches (incomplete)
GPD Travel (incomplete)
Grant Palmer (incomplete)
Grayline (incomplete)
Grayscroft (incomplete)
Grayway Coaches (incomplete)
Greenline Holidays (incomplete)
Greenslades Tours (incomplete)
Greys of Ely (incomplete)
Gwynfor Coaches (incomplete)
Gwynne Price (incomplete)
Hamiltons Coaches (Desborough) (incomplete)
Hamish Gordon Coaches (incomplete)
Hanson Coaches (incomplete)
Happy Al's (incomplete)
Happy Days Coaches (incomplete)
Harris Coaches (Pengam) (incomplete)
Harris Executive (incomplete)
Harris Travel / Vantage Coaches (Blackburn) (incomplete)
Harry Shaw (incomplete)
Hartley Travel (incomplete)
Hatch Green Coaches (incomplete)
Hawkes (incomplete)
Hearn's Coaches (incomplete)
Henry Cooper (incomplete)
Henry Crawford Coaches (incomplete)
Henshaw's Executive Travel (incomplete)
Herberts Travel (incomplete)
Herrington Coaches (incomplete)
Highland Council Buses (incomplete)
Hills Coaches of Wolverhampton (incomplete)
Hiltons Travel (incomplete)
Hodgsons (incomplete)
Hodsons Coaches (incomplete)
Hollinsheads (incomplete)
Hollywood Travel (incomplete)
Holmeswood (incomplete)
Horizon (incomplete)
Hornsbys (incomplete)
E. & M. Horsburgh (incomplete)
Horseman (incomplete)
Hosier Xecutive Travel (incomplete)
Hough's of Lincolnshire (incomplete)
Houston's (incomplete)
Howard Snaith (incomplete)
Humphries / Coach Miles (incomplete)
Hunt's (incomplete)
Hunter's of Daventry (incomplete)
Hunters Coaches (incomplete)
Hunters of Alloa (incomplete)
D. Hurst Travel (incomplete)
IGO Travel (incomplete)
Imperial Coaches (incomplete)
Irving of Dalston (incomplete)
Irving's of Carlisle (incomplete)
Isle Coaches (incomplete)
J & B Travel (incomplete)
J & C Coaches (incomplete)
J B Tours (incomplete)
J&DS Halcrow (incomplete)
J.A.K. Travel (incomplete)
J.K.T International (incomplete)
J.V.A. Sunseeker Tours (incomplete)
Jans of Soham (incomplete)
Jay & Kay (incomplete)
Jeakins (incomplete)
Jewels Tours (incomplete)
JH Coaches (incomplete)
JMB Travel (incomplete)
John's Coaches (incomplete)
Johnsons (Henley) (incomplete)
Johnston Coach Travel (incomplete)
E. Jones & Sons (incomplete)
Jones Executive (Walkden) (incomplete)
Jones International (incomplete)
Jones Login (incomplete)
O.R. Jones (incomplete)
JP Coaches (incomplete)
JSB Executive Travel (incomplete)
K&P Coaches (incomplete)
Keepings Coaches (incomplete)
Kelly's of Essex (incomplete)
Kettlewells (incomplete)
Kev's (incomplete)
Kineil Coaches (incomplete)
Kingdoms of Tiverton (incomplete)
Kings Ferry (incomplete)
Kings Tours (incomplete)
Kirkby Lonsdale Coach Hire (incomplete)
KM Travel (incomplete)
L & G Coaches (incomplete)
Ladyline (incomplete)
Lakeland (incomplete)
Lakeside of Ellesmere (incomplete)
LandFlight (incomplete)
Landmark Coaches (incomplete)
Langston & Tasker (incomplete)
Lee's of Durham (incomplete)
Leons (incomplete)
Lets Go! (incomplete)
Lets Travel (incomplete)
Lewis Coaches of London (incomplete)
Lewis-y-Llan (incomplete)
Libra Travel (incomplete)
Linburg (incomplete)
Link Line Travel (incomplete)
Link Network (incomplete)
Living High Travel (incomplete)
Llew Jones International (incomplete)
LMS Travel (incomplete)
Lochs & Glens (incomplete)
Lodge's (incomplete)
Logan's Executive Travel (incomplete)
London Borough of Havering (incomplete)
London Borough of Redbridge (incomplete)
The London Bus Company (incomplete)
London Bus Group (incomplete)
London Dial-a-Ride (incomplete)
Longmile Coach Hire (incomplete)
Longmynd Travel (incomplete)
Longstaffs Coaches (incomplete)
Lords Travel (incomplete)
Lucketts of Watford (incomplete)
Lucketts Travel Group (incomplete)
A. Lyles & Son / Longstaff (incomplete)
Lynns Travel Eastbourne (incomplete)
M & D Travel (incomplete)
M & H Coaches (incomplete)
M & J Travel (incomplete)
Mackie's of Alloa (incomplete)
MacPhails Coaches (incomplete)
Mainline (incomplete)
Majestic Travel (incomplete)
Major Coachways (incomplete)
Manchester Airport (incomplete)
Marbill Coach Services (incomplete)
Marcus Lewis Coaches of Coventry (incomplete)
Marett's Chariots (incomplete)
Mario Coach Travel (incomplete)
Marshalls (Leighton Buzzard) (incomplete)
Masons (incomplete)
Maxfields (incomplete)
Maynes Coaches (incomplete)
McCalls Coaches (incomplete)
McColls (incomplete)
McDade's Coaches (incomplete)
McGill's (incomplete)
McGill's Scotland East (incomplete)
McLean's (incomplete)
McLeans of Stranraer (incomplete)
McNairn's Coaches (incomplete)
Meadway Coaches (incomplete)
Mervyn's Coaches (incomplete)
Metcalfe Coaches (incomplete)
Middletons (incomplete)
Midway Motors (incomplete)
Mil-Ken Travel (incomplete)
Millbank Coaches (incomplete)
Millennium Travel (incomplete)
Millport Motors (incomplete)
Minsterley Motors (incomplete)
Mitcham Belle Coaches (incomplete)
MNE Transport (incomplete)
Moffat & Williamson (incomplete)
Morris Travel (incomplete)
Morse Coaches (incomplete)
Mostonian (incomplete)
Motts Travel (incomplete)
Mountain Goat (incomplete)
Moving People (incomplete)
Moxons (incomplete)
Mullanys Coaches (incomplete)
Mulleys (incomplete)
Murgatroyd of Harrogate (incomplete)
Myalls (incomplete)
N & U Travel (incomplete)
Nash's (incomplete)
National Express (coaches) (incomplete)
Naughtons (incomplete)
NBM (incomplete)
NCP (incomplete)
Neals Travel (incomplete)
Nefyn Coaches (incomplete)
Nesbit Bros. (incomplete)
New Bharat Coaches (incomplete)
New Punjab Coaches (incomplete)
Newtons Coaches (incomplete)
Nexus Move (incomplete)
NIBS Buses (incomplete)
Nick Maddy Coaches (incomplete)
North East Coach Travel (incomplete)
North East Coachways (incomplete)
Nottingham Coaches (incomplete)
Nottingham Minibuses & Coaches (incomplete)
Nottinghamshire County Council (incomplete)
Nova Tours (incomplete)
NovaBussing (incomplete)
Oakley's (incomplete)
Oare's of Holywell (incomplete)
Ogdens Travel (incomplete)
Olympia Travel (incomplete)
Omega Busways / Howards (incomplete)
Options Travel (incomplete)
Orbit Coaches (incomplete)
Orion Travel (incomplete)
OTS (incomplete)
Owen's Coaches (Oswestry) (incomplete)
D. P. Owens (incomplete)
P.G. Coaches (incomplete)
Panther Travel (incomplete)
Park's of Hamilton (incomplete)
Parrys International (incomplete)
PassengerPlus (incomplete)
Paul's of Stoke (incomplete)
PC Coaches (incomplete)
Peace Coaches (incomplete)
Pearces Oxford (incomplete)
Pearsons (incomplete)
Pencoed Travel (incomplete)
Pendle Coaches (incomplete)
Peoplesbus (incomplete)
Bws Peris (incomplete)
Peter Godward Coaches (incomplete)
Peter Hogg (incomplete)
Pewsey Vale Coaches (incomplete)
Phil Anslow Coaches (incomplete)
Phoenix Bussing (incomplete)
Phoenix Coaches (Blyth) (incomplete)
Photoflash Travel (incomplete)
Pilkington Bus (incomplete)
Plastow's Travel (incomplete)
Plymouth Citybus / Go Cornwall (incomplete)
Poppleton's Coaches (incomplete)
Poynter's Coaches (incomplete)
PPH (Provence Private Hire) (incomplete)
Premier Coaches (Kintore) (incomplete)
Premium Coaches (incomplete)
Prentice Westwood (incomplete)
Presidential Travel (incomplete)
Price Coaches (incomplete)
Primrose (Hexham) (incomplete)
Procters / Dales & District (incomplete)
Prospect (incomplete)
Pulham's Travel (incomplete)
Rail River Link (incomplete)
Rapsons Highland (incomplete)
Ratho Coaches (incomplete)
Rayner's Coaches (incomplete)
Reading & Wokingham Coaches (incomplete)
Readybus (incomplete)
Real Coach Hire (incomplete)
Reays (incomplete)
Red Eagle (incomplete)
Red Rose (Aylesbury) (incomplete)
Red Rose (Lancashire) (incomplete)
Redline Buses (Aylesbury) (incomplete)
Redline Travel (Preston) (incomplete)
Redroute Buses (incomplete)
RedRoutemaster (incomplete)
Redwoods Travel (incomplete)
Regency Coaches (incomplete)
Regional Transport (incomplete)
Reliance (incomplete)
Reptons (incomplete)
Richard Taylor Travel (incomplete)
Richards Bros. (incomplete)
Richmond's (incomplete)
Ridleys (incomplete)
Roberts Travel Group (incomplete)
Robin Hood Travel (incomplete)
Robinsons Coach Holidays (incomplete)
Rodger's (incomplete)
Roselyn of Cornwall (incomplete)
Ross Travel (incomplete)
Rowe Coaches (incomplete)
Rowell of Prudhoe (incomplete)
Roy McCarthy Coaches (incomplete)
Royal Buses (incomplete)
Rural Link (incomplete)
Safeguard (incomplete)
Sargeants (incomplete)
Saunders of Preston (incomplete)
SBC Coaches (incomplete)
Scotland & Bates (incomplete)
SD Travel (incomplete)
Select (Neath) (incomplete)
Sewards Coaches (incomplete)
Sharpes of Nottingham (incomplete)
Shaws of Maxey (incomplete)
Sheffield Community Transport (incomplete)
Sherwood Travel (incomplete)
Shiel Buses (incomplete)
Shiels Coaches (incomplete)
Shuttle Buses (incomplete)
Siesta Holidays (incomplete)
Silverdale (incomplete)
SilverGray (incomplete)
Simonds of Botesdale (incomplete)
Simpson's Coaches (incomplete)
Sixty-Sixty Coaches (incomplete)
SK Coaches (Singh & Kaur) (incomplete)
Skelton Coaches (incomplete)
Skills Coaches (incomplete)
Sky Coaches (incomplete)
Slacks (incomplete)
Sleafordian (incomplete)
Smith & Sons (incomplete)
Smiths of Marple (incomplete)
Snowdons (incomplete)
Solus Coaches (incomplete)
Somerset Passenger Solutions (incomplete)
Souls (incomplete)
South Coast Travel (incomplete)
South East Coaches (incomplete)
South Mimms Travel (incomplete)
South Staffs Travel (incomplete)
South Wales Transport (incomplete)
South West Coaches (incomplete)
Southampton Mini Link (incomplete)
Southbourne Buses (incomplete)
Southern Transit (incomplete)
Southgate & Finchley Coaches (incomplete)
Spencer Graham Coaches (incomplete)
Sprinters Travel (incomplete)
SquarePeg (incomplete)
Squirrells Coaches (incomplete)
St Andrews Executive Travel (incomplete)
St. Ives Bus Company (incomplete)
Stagecoach Group (unknown division) (incomplete)
Stanley Travel (incomplete)
Stantons of Stoke (incomplete)
Star Cabs (incomplete)
Star Coaches of Batley (incomplete)
Star Tours (incomplete)
Star Travel (Aylesbury) (incomplete)
Starline Coaches (Kent) (incomplete)
Station Coaches (incomplete)
Stephensons of Essex (incomplete)
Stewarts Coaches (incomplete)
Stotts of Oldham (incomplete)
E. Stott & Sons (incomplete)
Strafford's (incomplete)
Streamline (Huddersfield) (incomplete)
Streamline (Kent) (incomplete)
Streets Coachways (incomplete)
Stringers (incomplete)
Strood Cabs (incomplete)
Stuarts of Carluke (incomplete)
Sussex Coaches (incomplete)
Swan Travel (Birmingham) (incomplete)
Swanbrook (incomplete)
Swans Travel (incomplete)
Sweyne (incomplete)
Taf Valley Coaches (incomplete)
Tally Ho! (incomplete)
Tanat Valley Coaches (incomplete)
Taw and Torridge (incomplete)
Telfords (incomplete)
Temporal Travel (incomplete)
Tendring Travel (incomplete)
Terry's Coach Hire (incomplete)
Tetley's (incomplete)
Thandi (incomplete)
D. J. Thomas (incomplete)
Thomas of Rhondda (incomplete)
Thornes Independent (incomplete)
Tiger European (incomplete)
Tilley's (incomplete)
Timberbush Tours (incomplete)
Timewell's (incomplete)
Titterington Holidays (incomplete)
TJ's Travel (incomplete)
TK Travel (incomplete)
TLC Travel (incomplete)
TM Travel North East (incomplete)
TNS Travel (incomplete)
TopMarks (incomplete)
TopView Sightseeing (incomplete)
Townlynx (incomplete)
Transpora (incomplete)
Travel Cornwall (incomplete)
The Travellers Choice (incomplete)
Travelmasters (incomplete)
Travelstar European (incomplete)
Travelsure (incomplete)
TravelXpress (incomplete)
Trustybus / Galleon Travel (incomplete)
Turners Coachways (incomplete)
Tynedale (incomplete)
United Coaches (incomplete)
United Minibuses and Coaches (incomplete)
Uno (incomplete)
Vale Travel (incomplete)
Vallances (incomplete)
Vectare (incomplete)
Vertas (incomplete)
Victoria (incomplete)
Viking Coaches (Heywood) (incomplete)
Viking Travel (Swadlincote) (incomplete)
Vision Bus (Bolton) (incomplete)
Voel (incomplete)
Walters Oxford (incomplete)
Walton's Coach Hire (incomplete)
Warringtons of Ilam (incomplete)
Warwickshire Travel (incomplete)
Watermill Coaches (incomplete)
Watkins Coaches (incomplete)
Watts Coaches (incomplete)
G. H. Watts (incomplete)
Weardale Motor Services (incomplete)
Weavaway (incomplete)
Welsh's Tours (incomplete)
West Coast Motors (incomplete)
Westway Coach Services (incomplete)
Westway Coaches (Ayrshire) (incomplete)
WH Tours (incomplete)
Wheadon's (incomplete)
Wheelers (incomplete)
Whippet (incomplete)
White Star Travel (Sunderland) (incomplete)
Whitelaws (incomplete)
Whitestar (Neilston) (incomplete)
Whittles (incomplete)
Widnes Coaches (incomplete)
Wilfreda Beehive (incomplete)
F.R. Willetts (incomplete)
A.C. Williams (incomplete)
Brodyr Williams (incomplete)
Williams Coaches (Brecon) (incomplete)
Williams of Bala (incomplete)
Wilson's of Rhu (incomplete)
Wisharts Friockheim (incomplete)
Woods of Leicester (incomplete)
Woods of Tillicoultry (incomplete)
Woods Travel (Bognor Regis) (incomplete)
Worths Motor Services (incomplete)
Wright Bros. (incomplete)
Yarrantons of Eardiston (incomplete)
Yelloway (incomplete)
Yeomans (incomplete)
YMS Travel (incomplete)
P & D York (incomplete)
York Pullman (incomplete)
Yorkshire Buses (incomplete)
Yorkshire Rose (incomplete)
Young's Coaches (incomplete)
Z&S Transport (incomplete)