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Updated 02 Jun 2023

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1YX65 RWKCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCChaserider
2YX65 RWLCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCWhite
4YX16 OHWCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
21T21 TYBAdderley GreenOptare VersaD & G red
22MM13 OCHCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chaserider
23MX62 ARFAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
24YN62 AOHAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
25T25 TYBNorthwichOptare VersaD & G red
26T26 TYBNorthwichOptare VersaD & G red
27T27 TYBAdderley GreenOptare VersaYellow
28T28 TYBNorthwichOptare VersaD & G red
29T23 TYBAdderley GreenOptare VersaD & G red
30SL64 JGFCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
31SL64 JGOCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
32SL64 JGUNorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
33SL64 JGVCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
34KX57 FMACreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
35KX57 FMDNorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
36KX57 FMGNorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
37YX09 FMANorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
38YX09 FMECreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
39YX09 FMFAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200Cream
40YX09 FMGCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chaserider
41YX09 FMLNorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
42YX09 FMMAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200Blue
43YX09 FMOCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
44YJ56 WUTAdderley GreenOptare SoloOrange
45YJ56 WUUCreweOptare SoloD & G red
46YJ66 AOVCreweOptare Solo SRD & G red
47YJ66 AOWCreweOptare Solo SRD & G red
48YJ66 AOXCreweOptare Solo SRD & G red
49YJ08 PJUAdderley GreenOptare SoloD & G red
50YJ08 PJVAdderley GreenOptare SoloD & G red
51YX09 FKWCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chaserider
52YX09 FLMCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chaserider
53LJ56 VSPCrewe (-)Alexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
54LJ56 VSUCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
55DG55 BUSNorthwichWright StreetLite DFD & G red
56DG56 BUSNorthwichWright StreetLite DFD & G red
57DG57 BUSCreweWright StreetLite DFD & G red
58DG58 BUSCreweWright StreetLite DFD & G red
59BRZ 9662CreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
60CRZ 7495CreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
61DRZ 4018CreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
62SN64 CVPCannockWright StreetLite DFChaserider
64SN64 CVMCannock (-)Wright StreetLite DFChaserider
65MX62 AWUCannockWright StreetLite DFChaserider
66MX62 AWZCannockWright StreetLite DFChaserider
67MK63 WZXCannockWright StreetLite DFChaserider
90YX16 ODGNorthwich (-)Alexander Dennis Enviro200White
91YX16 ODJNorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
92SN65 OHBNorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
99YX11 CTVCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200Red
100YX11 CTZAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
101YJ13 HNAAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
102YJ13 HNBAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
105YJ13 HNEAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
106YJ13 HNFAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
107YX14 RZACreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
108YX63 GYGAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
109WA09 FHLCrewe (-)Alexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
110DG64 BUSAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
111SN11 FFUAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200Orange
112SN11 FFVAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200Orange
113SN11 FFWAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200Orange
114YJ56 WUVAdderley Green (-)Optare SoloOrange
115YJ56 WUWNorthwichOptare SoloOrange
116YJ11 OGZAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
117KX14 FJYAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
118YX59 BXYAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
119YX60 DXKAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200Orange
120YX11 CNENorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
121YY66 PDKAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200Red
122YX11 CNFNorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
123YW68 PBUCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
124MX05 ENFCannockOptare SoloD & G red
125KX55 PGEAdderley Green (-)Optare SoloD & G red
126KX06 APYAdderley GreenOptare SoloD & G red
128DX07 WFACreweOptare SoloD & G red
129YJ60 KFENorthwichOptare SoloD & G red
130YJ60 KFFNorthwichOptare SoloD & G red
131YJ60 KFGNorthwichOptare SoloD & G red
132YJ60 GDKCannockVDL SB180 / MCV EvolutionChaserider
134YJ57 XWMAdderley GreenOptare SoloD & G red
135YJ57 XWSAdderley GreenOptare SoloD & G red
136YJ59 NNACrewe (-)Optare Solo SRRoss Travel bus
140YJ55 BHUCreweOptare SoloD & G red
141YJ55 BHVCreweOptare SoloD & G red
144YJ64 DWKCannock (-)Optare MetroCityChaserider
145YJ65 EVPAdderley GreenOptare MetroCityD & G red
146YJ65 EVRAdderley GreenOptare MetroCityD & G red
148MX08 DGECannockOptare SoloChaserider
149YJ67 GBXAdderley Green (-)Optare MetroCityD & G red
150MX60 BXCCreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
151YJ67 GBYAdderley GreenOptare MetroCityD & G red
152MX60 GWZCreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
153MX60 GXBCreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
154MX60 GXCNorthwichWright StreetLite WFD & G red
155MX11 EGECreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
156MX11 EHCCreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
157YJ57 XWAAdderley GreenOptare VersaYellow
158YJ57 XWBAdderley GreenOptare VersaYellow
159YJ57 XWCAdderley GreenOptare VersaYellow
160YJ57 XVZAdderley GreenOptare VersaYellow
161YJ57 XVVAdderley GreenOptare VersaYellow
162YJ58 CCNCannockOptare Solo SRChaserider
163YJ09 MLLCannockOptare Solo SRChaserider
164YJ16 DBUAdderley GreenOptare MetroCityD & G red
165YJ16 DDUAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
166YJ09 MLNCannockOptare Solo SRChaserider
167YJ09 MLOCannockOptare Solo SRChaserider
168YJ09 MLVCrewe (-)Optare Solo SRChaserider
169YJ16 DSOCannockOptare MetroCityChaserider
170WT08 BUSAdderley GreenOptare Versanon-standard
171WT58 BUSAdderley GreenOptare Versanon-standard
173YJ59 GHHAdderley GreenOptare Versanon-standard
174WT58 SOTAdderley GreenOptare Versanon-standard
177YJ58 PKUCreweOptare SoloD & G red
180YK57 FHHCannock (-)Optare SoloChaserider
181YK57 FHJCannockOptare SoloChaserider
182YJ58 PKDCannockOptare SoloChaserider
187FJ06 ZTKCannockVDL SB200 / Wright CommanderChaserider
191FJ58 HYPCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
192FJ58 HYRCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
193FJ58 HYSCannock (-)Volvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
194FJ58 HYTCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
195FJ58 HYUCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
196FJ58 HYVCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
197FJ58 HYWCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
198FJ58 HYXCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
297YD63 UZHNorthwichOptare Solo SRnon-standard
504YX63 LGGCrewe (-)Alexander Dennis Enviro200Centrebus white/orange/blue
505YX63 LGJCrewe (-)Alexander Dennis Enviro200Centrebus white/orange/blue
506YX13 EJCNorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200Centrebus white/orange/blue
530YY64 GWECreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200Centrebus orange/blue
531YY64 GWFCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200Centrebus orange/blue
532YY64 GWGCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200Centrebus orange/blue
538YX68 UMTCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCnon-standard
539YX17 NKZCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCnon-standard
540YX22 OGGCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCnon-standard
541YX22 OGHCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCnon-standard
542YX72 ONLCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCnon-standard
582YX11 CTYCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200Centrebus orange/blue
593YY64 GWLAdderley Green (l)Alexander Dennis Enviro200Centrebus white/orange/blue
594YY64 GWMAdderley Green (-)Alexander Dennis Enviro200Centrebus white/orange/blue
610SN14 EDXCannockWright StreetLite DFnon-standard
611FN63 KFLCannockWright StreetLite DFnon-standard
625MX06 VPYCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseWhite
669YJ60 GGUCannock (-)VDL SB180 / MCV EvolutionChaserider
670YH63 CXCCannockVDL SB180 / MCV EvolutionChaserider
671YH63 CXBCannock (-)VDL SB180 / MCV EvolutionCentrebus orange/blue
704B5 WERCannockScania / Wright SolarChaserider
748B6 WERCannockScania / Wright SolarChaserider
780YJ62 FPKAdderley GreenOptare VersaD & G red
781YJ62 FSSAdderley GreenOptare VersaD & G red
799YJ17 FXECannockOptare MetroCityCentrebus orange/blue