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Updated 06 Oct 2022

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1YX65 RWKCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCWhite
2YX65 RWLCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCWhite
21T21 TYBAdderley GreenOptare VersaD & G red
22MM13 OCHCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chaserider
23MX62 ARFAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
24YN62 AOHAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
25T25 TYBCreweOptare VersaD & G red
26T26 TYBCreweOptare VersaD & G red
27T27 TYBAdderley GreenOptare VersaYellow
28T28 TYBCreweOptare VersaD & G red
29T23 TYBAdderley GreenOptare VersaD & G red
30SL64 JGFNorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
31SL64 JGONorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
32SL64 JGUCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
33SL64 JGVNorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
34KX57 FMACreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
35KX57 FMDCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
36KX57 FMGCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
37YX09 FMACreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
38YX09 FMEAdderley Green (-)Alexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
39YX09 FMFAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
40YX09 FMGCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chaserider
41YX09 FMLCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
42YX09 FMMAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200Blue
43YX09 FMOCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
44YJ56 WUTCreweOptare SoloOrange
45YJ56 WUUAdderley GreenOptare SoloD & G red
46YJ66 AOVCreweOptare Solo SRD & G red
47YJ66 AOWCreweOptare Solo SRD & G red
48YJ66 AOXCreweOptare Solo SRD & G red
49YJ08 PJUAdderley GreenOptare SoloD & G red
50YJ08 PJVCreweOptare SoloD & G red
51YX09 FKWCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chaserider
52YX09 FLMCannock (-)Alexander Dennis Enviro200Chaserider
53LJ56 VSPCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
54LJ56 VSUCreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
55DG55 BUSCreweWright StreetLite DFD & G red
56DG56 BUSCreweWright StreetLite DFD & G red
57DG57 BUSCreweWright StreetLite DFD & G red
58DG58 BUSCrewe (-)Wright StreetLite DFD & G red
59BRZ 9662CreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
60CRZ 7495CreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
61DRZ 4018Crewe (-)Wright StreetLite WFD & G red
62SN64 CVPCannockWright StreetLite DFChaserider
63SN64 CVOCannock (-)Wright StreetLite DFChaserider
64SN64 CVMCannock (-)Wright StreetLite DFChaserider
65MX62 AWUCannock (-)Wright StreetLite DFChaserider
66MX62 AWZCannockWright StreetLite DFChaserider
67MK63 WZXCannockWright StreetLite DFChaserider
99YX11 CTVCannockAlexander Dennis Enviro200Red
100YX11 CTZAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
101YJ13 HNAAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
102YJ13 HNBAdderley Green (-)Optare Solo SRD & G red
104YJ13 HNDAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRChaserider
105YJ13 HNEAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
106YJ13 HNFCannock (-)Optare Solo SRChaserider
107YX14 RZANorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
108YX63 GYGAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
109WA09 FHLAdderley Green (-)Alexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
110DG64 BUSAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
111SN11 FFUAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200Orange
112SN11 FFVAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200Orange
113SN11 FFWAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200Orange
114YJ56 WUVAdderley GreenOptare SoloOrange
115YJ56 WUWCrewe (-)Optare SoloOrange
116YJ11 OGZAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
117KX14 FJYAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
118YX59 BXYAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
119YX60 DXKAdderley GreenAlexander Dennis Enviro200Orange
120YX11 CNECreweAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
122YX11 CNFNorthwichAlexander Dennis Enviro200D & G red
124MX05 ENFAdderley GreenOptare SoloD & G red
125KX55 PGEAdderley Green (-)Optare SoloD & G red
126KX06 APYAdderley GreenOptare SoloD & G red
128DX07 WFACreweOptare SoloD & G red
129YJ60 KFENorthwichOptare SoloD & G red
130YJ60 KFFNorthwichOptare SoloD & G red
131YJ60 KFGCreweOptare SoloD & G red
132YJ60 GDKCannockVDL SB180 / MCV EvolutionChaserider
133YJ60 GGVCannockVDL SB180 / MCV EvolutionChaserider
134YJ57 XWMAdderley GreenOptare SoloD & G red
135YJ57 XWSAdderley GreenOptare SoloD & G red
140YJ55 BHUCreweOptare SoloD & G red
141YJ55 BHVNorthwichOptare SoloD & G red
144YJ64 DWKCannockOptare MetroCityChaserider
145YJ65 EVPAdderley GreenOptare MetroCityD & G red
146YJ65 EVRAdderley GreenOptare MetroCityD & G red
148MX08 DGECannockOptare SoloChaserider
149YJ67 GBXAdderley GreenOptare MetroCityD & G red
150MX60 BXCCreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
151YJ67 GBYAdderley GreenOptare MetroCityD & G red
152MX60 GWZCrewe (-)Wright StreetLite WFD & G red
153MX60 GXBCreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
154MX60 GXCCreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
155MX11 EGECreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
156MX11 EHCCreweWright StreetLite WFD & G red
157YJ57 XWAAdderley GreenOptare VersaYellow
158YJ57 XWBAdderley GreenOptare VersaYellow
159YJ57 XWCAdderley GreenOptare VersaYellow
160YJ57 XVZAdderley GreenOptare VersaYellow
161YJ57 XVVAdderley GreenOptare VersaYellow
162YJ58 CCNCannockOptare Solo SRChaserider
164YJ16 DBUAdderley GreenOptare MetroCityD & G red
165YJ16 DDUAdderley GreenOptare Solo SRD & G red
166YJ09 MLNCannockOptare Solo SRChaserider
167YJ09 MLOCannockOptare Solo SRChaserider
168YJ09 MLVCannockOptare Solo SRChaserider
169YJ16 DSOCannockOptare MetroCityChaserider
170WT08 BUSAdderley GreenOptare Versanon-standard
171WT58 BUSAdderley GreenOptare Versanon-standard
173YJ59 GHHAdderley GreenOptare Versanon-standard
174WT58 SOTAdderley GreenOptare Versanon-standard
177YJ58 PKUNorthwichOptare SoloD & G red
178YJ58 PKVCannock (-)Optare Solonon-standard
180YK57 FHHCannock (-)Optare SoloChaserider
181YK57 FHJCannockOptare SoloChaserider
182YJ58 PKDCannockOptare SoloChaserider
191FJ58 HYPCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
192FJ58 HYRCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
193FJ58 HYSCannock (-)Volvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
194FJ58 HYTCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
195FJ58 HYUCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
196FJ58 HYVCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
197FJ58 HYWCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
198FJ58 HYXCannockVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseChaserider
610SN14 EDXCannockWright StreetLite DFCentrebus orange/blue
611FN63 KFLCannockWright StreetLite DFBlack
669YJ60 GGUCannockVDL SB180 / MCV EvolutionChaserider
670YH63 CXCCannockVDL SB180 / MCV EvolutionChaserider
671YH63 CXBCannockVDL SB180 / MCV EvolutionCentrebus orange/blue
704B5 WERCannockScania / Wright SolarChaserider
748B6 WERCannockScania / Wright SolarChaserider
780YJ62 FPKAdderley Green (-)Optare VersaD & G red
781YJ62 FSSAdderley GreenOptare VersaGreen
799YJ17 FXECannockOptare MetroCityCentrebus orange/blue