First York

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Updated 28 Feb 2024

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11103BG58 OLUYorkMercedes-Benz Citaro GYork P&R blue
11104BG58 OLVYorkMercedes-Benz Citaro GYork P&R blue
35582SK19 EZCYork (l)Wright StreetDeckLeedsCity
35597YE69 YGAYork (l)Wright StreetDeckLeedsCity
35611YE69 YGJYork (l)Wright StreetDeckLeedsCity
35933MF72 WBNYorkWright StreetDeckUniversity of York
35934MF72 WBOYorkWright StreetDeckUniversity of York
35935MF72 WBPYorkWright StreetDecknon-standard
35936MF72 WBTYorkWright StreetDecknon-standard
36501MF23 ZVNYorkWright StreetDeck Electrolinernon-standard
36502MF23 ZVOYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36503MF23 ZVPYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36504MF23 ZVRYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36505MF23 ZVSYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36506MF23 ZVTYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36507MF23 ZVUYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36508MF23 ZVVYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36509MF23 ZVWYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36510MF23 ZVXYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36511MF23 ZVYYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36512MF23 ZVZYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36513MF23 ZWAYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36514MF23 ZWBYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36515MF23 ZWCYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36516MF23 ZWDYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36517MF23 ZWEYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36518MF23 ZWGYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36519MF23 ZWHYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerYork Electric
36520MF23 ZWJYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerUniversity of York
36521ML73 DZGYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerUniversity of York
36522ML73 DZHYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerUniversity of York
36523ML73 DZJYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerUniversity of York
36524ML73 DZKYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerUniversity of York
36525ML73 DZMYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerUniversity of York
36526ML73 DZNYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerUniversity of York
36527ML73 DZOYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerUniversity of York
36529ML73 DZRYorkWright StreetDeck ElectrolinerUniversity of York
39502YJ69 CXCYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39503YJ20 AXAYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39504YJ20 AXBYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39505YJ20 AXCYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39507YJ20 AXDYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39508YJ20 AXFYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39509YJ20 AXGYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39510YJ20 AXHYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39511YJ20 AXKYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39512YJ70 ETAYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39513YJ70 ETDYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39514YJ70 ETEYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39515YJ70 ETFYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39516YJ70 ETKYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39517YJ70 ETLYorkOptare MetroDecker EVYork P&R blue
39518YJ70 ETOYorkOptare MetroDecker EVBlue
39519YJ70 ETRYorkOptare MetroDecker EVBlue
39520YJ70 ETUYorkOptare MetroDecker EVBlue
39521YJ70 ETVYorkOptare MetroDecker EVBlue
39523YJ70 ETXYorkOptare MetroDecker EVBlue
39524YJ70 ETYYorkOptare MetroDecker EVBlack
49901YJ14 BHAYorkOptare Versa EVYork P&R blue
49902YJ14 BHDYorkOptare Versa EVYork P&R blue
49903YJ14 BHEYorkOptare Versa EVYork P&R blue
49904YJ14 BHFYorkOptare Versa EVYork P&R blue
49905YJ14 BHKYorkOptare Versa EVYork P&R blue
49906YJ14 BHLYorkOptare Versa EVYork P&R blue
49907YJ15 AYPYorkOptare Versa EVYork P&R blue
49908YJ15 AYKYorkOptare Versa EVYork P&R blue
49909YJ15 AYLYorkOptare Versa EVYork P&R blue
49910YJ15 AYMYorkOptare Versa EVYork P&R blue
49911YJ15 AYNYorkOptare Versa EVYork P&R blue
49912YJ15 AYOYorkOptare Versa EVnon-standard
63646MA23 TPZYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63647MA23 TRVYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63648MA23 TRZYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63649MA23 TSOYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63650MA23 TSUYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63651ML73 DYHYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63652ML73 DYJYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63653ML73 DYMYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63654ML73 DYNYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63655ML73 DYOYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63656ML73 DYPYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63657ML73 DYSYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63658ML73 DYTYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63659ML73 DYUYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63660ML73 DYVYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63661ML73 DYWYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63662ML73 DYXYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63663ML73 DYYYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63664ML73 DZAYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63665ML73 DZBYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63666ML73 DZCYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63667ML73 DZDYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63668ML73 DZEYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
63669ML73 DZFYorkWright GB Kite ElectrolinerYork Electric
69275YJ57 YSNYorkVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012
69276YJ57 YSMYorkVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012
69277YJ57 YSOYorkVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2018
69278YJ57 YSPYorkVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012
69279YJ57 YSRYorkVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2018
69358YJ08 ZGLYorkVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2018
69360YJ08 ZGNYorkVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2018
69361YJ08 ZGOYorkVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012
69366YJ08 XYEYorkVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2018
69480YJ09 NYTYork (l)Volvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseFirst 2012