Aintree Coachline

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Updated 24 Jul 2022

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100W100 ACLHootonAlexander Dennis Enviro400HAintree
121YX65 RFNHootonAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
122SN16 OGPHootonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Aintree
123YX17 NJOHootonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Aintree
124YY67 USPHootonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Aintree
125K100 ACLHootonScania / East Lancs EsteemAintree
132SN51 SZUHootonDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Aintree
134LX03 BXVHootonDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Aintree
135LX03 BXZHootonDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Aintree
140SN53 KHZHootonDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Aintree
142X111 ACLHootonAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
142LX17 DZCMaghullBCI ExcellenceEnsignbus
157LX04 FXSHooton (-)Dennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Ensignbus
1001XL66 ACLMaghullBCI EnterpriseAintree
HKF 151Maghull (h)AEC RoutemasterLondon Red
BIG 5943MaghullLeyland Olympian / Alexander RWhite
SN04 AAKMaghullDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentAintree
SN04 AAUHootonDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentAintree
SN04 AAVHootonDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentAintree
SN04 ACZMaghullDennis Trident / Plaxton Presidentnon-standard
SN04 AECHootonDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentAintree
SN04 AEFMaghullDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentAintree
SN04 AEYMaghullDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentAintree
SP06 FVFMaghullVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileAintree
LJ56 ONTHootonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Aintree
LX56 EUDHooton (*)Alexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
PO56 JFFMaghullAlexander Dennis Enviro200 / East Lancs EsteemAintree
SK07 CFPHooton (*)Volvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseLothian Buses
SK07 CFUHootonVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseLothian Buses
LK58 KHOHooton (*)Alexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK58 KHRHootonAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
XOI 2520MaghullVolvo B12BT / Plaxton PantherRed
UK66 ACLMaghullIrizar i6Red
LJ68 CYOMaghullBYD / Alexander Dennis Enviro200 EVWhite