Hulleys of Baslow

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Updated 04 Apr 2024

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1YX23 OTBBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCWhite
3LK09 EKUBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro400Hulleys
4YJ11 EJABaslowOptare SoloHulleys
5LK09 EKPBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro400Hulleys
6YJ09 OTHBaslowOptare SoloHulleys
7YX09 HZJBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
8YX12 DHNBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro200Hulleys
9MX09 AOFBaslowOptare Solonon-standard
10YJ09 MHNBaslowOptare SoloHulleys
11SW64 XARBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro200Hulleys
12BV23 NVHBaslowVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraWhite
13WK11 APYBaslowOptare Solo SRHulleys
14YX11 AENBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro200Hulleys
15MK63 XAUBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro200Hulleys 2024
16LJ09 CCKBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro400Hulleys
17MX11 CZMBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro200Hulleys
18YJ11 EJDBaslowOptare SoloHulleys
19YK05 CAOBaslowOptare Solonon-standard
20YJ11 EKBBaslowOptare SoloGo-Coach
21Y100 HOBBaslowVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraHulleys
22LK57 AYBBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
23YX11 CSYBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
24LK57 AXTBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
25YJ57 XWPBaslowOptare SoloHulleys
4502YJ09 MMOBaslowOptare Solo SRGo-Coach
6201YJ18 DKXBaslowOptare MetroCityGo-Coach
9001SK07 DZABaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
LJ09 KPKBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro200White/red/black
LJ09 KRDBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
KP12 BUSBaslowVolvo B7RLE / MCV EvolutionPulham's
YX70 OHSBaslowAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCWhite