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Updated 18 Apr 2022

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1607BF59 NHLFarehamMercedes-Benz SprinterLucketts
2907YN62 AWXFarehamMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahLucketts
3507YG65 ATKFarehamYutong TC9Lucketts
3508YG65 ATNFarehamYutong TC9Lucketts
3604VFJ 687FarehamIrizar i8Grey
3605WCR 474FarehamIrizar i8Grey
3803ML13 YNSFareham (-)Neoplan StarlinerBlack
4405YP64 WVWFarehamScania / Irizar i3White
4406YM14 HRDRingwoodScania / Irizar i3White
4409SC13 BUSLancingScania / Irizar i3non-standard
4804FJ11 RDXFarehamVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteLucketts
4805FJ11 RDYHurn AirportVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteSolent
4806FJ61 EWALancingVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteWorthing
4807OIW 5798Hurn AirportVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteSolent
4808FN62 CAOTadleyVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteMortons
4809FN62 CBVHurn AirportVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteSolent
4810FN62 CDXHurn AirportVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteSolent
4811FN62 CEYHurn AirportVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteSolent
4812FN62 CFGRingwoodVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteColiseum
4813FN62 CFXHurn AirportVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteSolent
4814FN62 CGEFarehamVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteLucketts
4815FN62 CVSFarehamVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteLucketts
4816FN62 CVYFarehamVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteLucketts
4820FN62 CZZLancingVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteWorthing
4822BF63 ZSEFarehamVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteLucketts
X4825BK15 AHPHurn Airport (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2Solent
X4826BK15 AHUHurn Airport (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2Solent
4975YR62 EAGFarehamScania / Irizar CenturyLucketts
4988YM15 DKJFarehamIrizar i6Clarkes
4990BF67 WJELancingMercedes-Benz TourismoWorthing
4992BF67 WJJLancingMercedes-Benz TourismoClarkes
49126BL16 FYYHurn AirportMercedes-Benz TourismoBlue
49120YT19 KUVFarehamIrizar i6Kings Ferry
49119YT19 KUWFarehamIrizar i6Kings Ferry
5371YN64 AGZLancing (-)Scania OmniExpressWorthing
5372YP15 NLLHurn AirportIrizar i6Solent
5373YR15 SSVRingwoodIrizar i6Coliseum
5374YN16 NZWHurn AirportIrizar i6Solent
5375YN16 NZYHurn AirportIrizar i6Lucketts
5376YN16 NZZFarehamIrizar i6Lucketts
5377JIL 8230RingwoodIrizar i6Coliseum
5378MIB 652Ringwood (-)Irizar i6Coliseum
5379YR17 RJOFarehamScania InterlinkLucketts
5380YR17 RJUFarehamScania InterlinkLucketts
5381YR17 RJVLancingScania InterlinkWorthing
5382YR17 RJXLancingScania InterlinkWorthing
5383YR17 RJYFarehamScania InterlinkColiseum
5384YR17 RJZFarehamScania InterlinkLucketts
5385BN17 JJUFarehamMercedes-Benz TourismoLucketts
5386BN17 JJVRingwoodMercedes-Benz TourismoLucketts
5388MIB 650Ringwood (-)Irizar i6Coliseum
5389MIB 651Ringwood (-)Irizar i6Coliseum
5391WF17 DGVTadleyVDL Futura 2Mortons
5393WJ18 EAGTadleyVDL Futura 2Mortons
5394BV19 YKCFarehamMercedes-Benz TourismoLucketts
5395BV19 YKDFarehamMercedes-Benz TourismoLucketts
5396BV69 LTEFarehamMercedes-Benz TourismoLucketts
5397BV69 LTFFarehamMercedes-Benz TourismoLucketts
X5510BF68 LDXFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5511BF68 LDZFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5512BF68 LEJFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5513BF68 LEUFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5514BF68 LFAFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5519BV69 KRXHurn AirportScania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5520BV69 KRZHurn Airport (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5521BV69 KTFHurn Airport (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5522BV69 KTGHurn Airport (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5523BV69 KTJHurn Airport (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5524BV69 KTKLancing (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5525BV69 KTLHurn Airport (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5526BV19 XREFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5527BV19 XRFFarehamScania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5528BV19 XRGFarehamScania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5529BV19 XRHFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5530BV19 XRJFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 3National Express
X5601BK67 LNXFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
X5602BK67 LNYFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
X5603BK67 LNZFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
X5604BK67 LOAFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
X5605BK67 LODFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
X5606BK67 LOFFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
X5607BK67 LOHFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
X5608BU18 OSJFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
X5609BU18 OSKFareham (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
XW5610BU18 OSLLancing (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
XW5611BU18 OSMLancing (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
XW5612BU18 OSNLancing (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
XW5613BU18 OSOLancing (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
XW5614BU18 OSPLancing (r)Scania / Caetano Levante 2National Express
5705MT16 MORTadleyVDL Futura 2Mortons
5706MT16 BUSTadleyVDL Futura 2Mortons
5707WF17 DGXTadleyVDL Futura 2Mortons
5708YX67 UOSTadleyVolvo B8R / Plaxton LeopardMortons
5709YX67 UOTTadleyVolvo B8R / Plaxton LeopardMortons
5710WJ18 EAMTadleyVDL Futura 2Mortons
5728YN67 VDCTadleyIrizar i6sKings Ferry
5729YN67 VDGTadleyIrizar i6sMortons
5901TX13 ACTFareham (-)Van Hool AltanoLucketts
6105YT65 BYHHurn Airport (*)Irizar i6Kings Ferry
6301YN65 XDJFarehamScania OmniExpressLucketts
6302YN65 XDKFarehamScania OmniExpressLucketts
6303YR16 BKUFarehamScania OmniExpressLucketts
6304YR16 BKVFarehamScania OmniExpressLucketts
6305WE53 BUSTadleyBova FuturaMortons
7408A13 HLCFarehamVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2Lucketts
7409A16 HLCFarehamVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2Lucketts
7410A17 HLCFarehamVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2Lucketts
7411A18 HLCFarehamVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2Lucketts
7412A19 HLCFarehamVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2Lucketts
7501WA09 AZBTadleyBova FuturaMortons
8101CN18 NPUFarehamMAN / Ayats EclipseLucketts
8501X806 VRLTadleyVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Mortons
9401E13 BUSTadleyDennis Trident / East Lancs Myllennium LolyneMortons
9402F13 BUSTadleyDennis Trident / East Lancs Myllennium LolyneMortons
10001P1 KGFTadleyVolvo B9TL / Optare OlympusMortons
10002P12 KGFTadleyVolvo B9TL / Optare OlympusMortons
10003P111 KGFTadleyVolvo B9TL / Optare OlympusMortons
10004P11 KGFTadleyVolvo B9TL / Optare OlympusMortons
10005M10 ANVTadleyVolvo B9TL / Optare OlympusMortons
10006P16 KGFTadleyVolvo B9TL / Optare OlympusMortons
10201OU05 AVBLancingVolvo B9TL / East Lancs Myllennium NordicWorthing
10202OU05 AVDTadleyVolvo B9TL / East Lancs Myllennium NordicMortons
10601X14 BUSTadleyVolvo B9TL / East Lancs Myllennium NordicMortons
10602Y14 BUSTadleyVolvo B9TL / East Lancs Myllennium NordicMortons
BF60 OEWFarehamMercedes-Benz SprinterLucketts
RJ17 HSOFareham (a)Mercedes-Benz SprinterSilver
HT69 AWYFarehamFord TransitSilver
HT69 KDVFarehamFord TransitSilver