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Updated 11 Jan 2024

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LJ04 LDASittingbourneVDL DB250 / Wright Pulsar GeminiChalkwell (old)
YJ54 XUHAshford (l)Volvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiFirst blue front
820 YKESittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro400Chalkwell (red)
C16 CWLSittingbourneScania / Irizar InterCenturyChalkwell (white)
C19 CWLSittingbourneVolvo B12B / Caetano LevanteChalkwell (white)
C20 CWLSittingbourneVolvo B12B / Caetano LevanteChalkwell (white)
K28 CWLSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro400Chalkwell (red)
347 KKPSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro400Chalkwell (red)
433 SKOSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro400Chalkwell (red)
K25 CWLSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro400Chalkwell (red)
MX09 DGYSittingbourneIveco DailyChalkwell (white)
K26 CWLSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro400Chalkwell (red)
K27 CWLSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro400Chalkwell (red)
AE10 GGKSittingbourneIveco DailyChalkwell (white)
LX10 AUWSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chalkwell (red)
LX10 AVCSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chalkwell (red)
NJ10 ORCSittingbourneFord TransitChalkwell (white)
Y10 CWLSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro400Chalkwell (red)
K20 CWLSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro400Chalkwell (red)
L24 CWLSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro400Chalkwell (red)
YX61 ELCSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chalkwell (red)
K23 CWLSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro400Chalkwell (red)
YJ13 HLNSittingbourneOptare Solo SR HybridChalkwell (red)
GF63 SKJSittingbourneFord TransitChalkwell (white)
GF63 SKKSittingbourneFord TransitChalkwell (white)
YD63 UZRSittingbourneOptare Solo SRChalkwell (red)
YD63 VBNSittingbourneOptare Solo SRChalkwell (red)
KX14 FJKSittingbourneOptare Solo SRChalkwell (red)
SP14 AXYSittingbourneIveco DailyChalkwell (white)
YJ14 BBFSittingbourneOptare Solo SRChalkwell (red)
BL15 BMUSittingbourneFord TransitChalkwell (white)
C13 CWLSittingbourneVolvo B11R / Plaxton PantherChalkwell (red)
KX15 BHKSittingbourneOptare Solo SRChalkwell (red)
E15 CWLSittingbourneVolvo B11R / Plaxton PantherChalkwell (red)
CP65 GXESittingbourneFord TransitChalkwell (white)
YX65 RGYSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chalkwell (red)
YX65 RGZSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chalkwell (red)
CU16 ECNSittingbourneFord TransitChalkwell (white)
GX67 WKLSittingbourneFord TransitChalkwell (white)
YX18 KUCSittingbourneAlexander Dennis Enviro200Chalkwell (red)
V22 CWLSittingbourneDAF LF / Noone TurasChalkwell (red)
CW72 CWLSittingbourneVolvo B8R / Plaxton LeopardChalkwell (red)