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Updated 20 May 2023

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UNZ 9789NewmainsVolvo B10M / Jonckheere MistralWhite/black
VNZ 7646NewmainsDennis Dart SPD / Plaxton Pointer 2JMB Travel
PX05 ELHNewmainsDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2JMB Travel
SV55 BZMNewmainsDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2JMB Travel
YK55 AVFNewmainsBMC CondorWhite
SP06 FVCNewmainsVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite/black
YJ06 WTVNewmainsBMC CondorWhite
MXZ 3335NewmainsVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiJMB Travel
VNZ 1742NewmainsVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiJMB Travel
MXZ 3338NewmainsVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiJMB Travel
MXZ 3337NewmainsVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiJMB Travel
VNZ 2901NewmainsVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiJMB Travel
MXZ 3339NewmainsVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiJMB Travel
MXZ 3336NewmainsVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiJMB Travel
MXZ 3334NewmainsVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiJMB Travel
SV56 BVRNewmainsVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite/black
SV56 BVZNewmainsVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileJMB Travel
SV56 BWANewmainsVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
RX57 MDZNewmainsOptare Solonon-standard
VNZ 7605NewmainsAlexander Dennis Enviro200JMB Travel
VNZ 7647NewmainsAlexander Dennis Enviro200JMB Travel
EM09 BUSNewmainsOptare SoloJMB Travel
DRZ 1305NewmainsNeoplan TourlinerOrange
YJ11 EJNNewmainsOptare Solonon-standard
YJ13 HNNNewmainsOptare Solo SRJMB Travel
VHZ 3765NewmainsMercedes-Benz SprinterJMB Travel
UNZ 9141NewmainsMercedes-Benz SprinterJMB Travel
UNZ 9109NewmainsMercedes-Benz SprinterJMB Travel
BJ15 UVPNewmainsMercedes-Benz SprinterJMB Travel
BJ15 UVVNewmainsMercedes-Benz SprinterJMB Travel
CG15 BUSNewmainsMercedes-Benz Sprinternon-standard
YJ15 ANXNewmainsOptare Solo SRSPT orange/grey
YJ15 AOWNewmainsOptare Solo SRSPT orange/grey
YJ15 AOXNewmainsOptare Solo SRSPT orange/grey
YJ15 AOZNewmainsOptare Solo SRSPT orange/grey
YY15 NHUNewmainsAlexander Dennis Enviro200JMB Travel
OE16 WHZNewmainsNeoplan TourlinerWhite
OE16 WJDNewmainsNeoplan TourlinerWhite
SN16 OSANewmainsAlexander Dennis Enviro200JMB Travel
SN16 OSBNewmainsAlexander Dennis Enviro200JMB Travel
BT66 UAPNewmainsMercedes-Benz SprinterJMB Travel
BT66 UARNewmainsMercedes-Benz SprinterJMB Travel
BT66 UASNewmainsMercedes-Benz SprinterJMB Travel
YX66 WHANewmainsAlexander Dennis Enviro200JMB Travel
YX66 WHBNewmainsAlexander Dennis Enviro200JMB Travel
SJ22 GZRNewmainsVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraJMB Travel
SJ22 GZSNewmainsVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraJMB Travel
SJ22 GZTNewmainsVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraJMB Travel
SJ22 GZUNewmainsVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraJMB Travel
SJ22 GZVNewmainsVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraJMB Travel
SJ22 GZWNewmainsVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraJMB Travel
SJ22 GZXNewmainsVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraJMB Travel
SJ22 GZYNewmainsVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraJMB Travel
SJ22 GZZNewmainsVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraJMB Travel