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Updated 01 May 2024

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24LK57 AXTSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
601LX19 CXNSwanleyRenault Master ZEGo2
701WF20 ENXSwanleyFord TourneoGo2
702WF20 EOASwanleyFord TourneoGo2
703WF20 EODSwanleyFord TourneoGo2
704WF20 KJKSwanleyFord TourneoGo2
2801YJ59 GFGSwanleyOptare SoloGo-Coach
3801YJ59 PKNSwanleyOptare SoloGo-Coach
3802YJ59 PKVSwanleyOptare SoloGo-Coach
3901YJ11 EKASwanleyOptare SoloGo-Coach
3903YJ11 EKDSwanleyOptare SoloGo-Coach
4501YJ09 MMKSwanleyOptare Solo SRGo-Coach
4502YJ09 MMOSwanleyOptare Solo SRGo-Coach
4503YJ09 MMUSwanleyOptare Solo SRGo-Coach
5003S519 KFLSwanley (h-)Dennis Dart SLF / Marshall CapitalGo-Coach
5013YJ62 FUDSwanleyOptare Solo SRGo-Coach
5014YJ62 FUGSwanleyOptare Solo SRGo-Coach
5015YJ62 FVNSwanleyOptare Solo SRGo-Coach
5501YJ14 BFYSwanleyOptare MetroCityGo-Coach
5601YJ59 GFOSwanleyOptare VersaGo-Coach
6003LX58 CHOSwanleyOptare VersaGo-Coach
6004LX58 CHVSwanleyOptare VersaGo-Coach
6008YJ58 VBXSwanleyOptare VersaGo-Coach
6202YD63 UZLSwanleyOptare MetroCityGo-Coach
7802YJ11 EHRSwanleyOptare TempoGo-Coach
7803YJ11 EHXSwanleyOptare TempoGo-Coach
8343YX66 WFDSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCGo-Coach
8344YX66 WFESwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCGo-Coach
8345YX66 WFFSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCGo-Coach
8346YX66 WFGSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCGo-Coach
8347YX66 WFHSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCGo-Coach
8601S869 HCGSwanley (h-)Volvo Olympian / Alexander RGo-Coach
9001SK07 DZASwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
9002SK07 DZBSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
9003SK07 DZCSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
9004SK07 DZDSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
9005SK07 DZESwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
9006SK07 DZFSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
9007SK07 DZGSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
9009SK07 DZJSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
9010SK07 DZLSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
9506SN59 AVTSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
9513SN59 AWASwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
9514SN59 AWCSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
9515SN59 AWFSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
9518SN59 AWJSwanleyAlexander Dennis Enviro400Go-Coach
RML2472JJD 472DSwanley (h)AEC RoutemasterRed
RML2699SMK 699FSwanley (h)AEC RoutemasterRed
KP12 BUSSwanleyVolvo B7RLE / MCV EvolutionPulham's