Stagecoach South West

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Updated 02 Jun 2023

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10452SN65 NZHExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCnon-standard
10453SN65 NZJExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
10454SN65 NZKExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
10455SN65 NZMExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
10456SN65 NZOExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10457SN65 NZPPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
10458SN65 NZRPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
10459SN65 NZSPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
10460SN65 NZTPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
10461SN65 NZUPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
10462SN65 NZVPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10488SN65 ZHBPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10489SN65 ZHDPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10490SN65 ZHEPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
10491SN65 ZHFPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10492SN65 ZHGPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
10493SN65 ZHHPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCnon-standard
10494SN65 ZHJPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
10495SN65 ZHKPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10496SN65 ZHLPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10497SN65 ZHMPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10498SN65 ZHOPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
10500SN65 ZHRExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10501SN65 ZHTExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10502SN65 ZHUExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10503SN65 ZHVExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10688SN66 VUXExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10689SN66 VUYExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10690SN66 VVAExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10691SN66 VVBExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10692SN66 VVCExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10693SN66 VVDExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10694SN66 VVEExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10695SN66 VVFExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10696SN66 VVGExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
10697SN66 VVHExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
15250YN65 XDOExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15251YN65 XDPExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15252YN65 XDRExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15253YN65 XDSExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15254YN65 XDTExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15255YN65 XDUExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15256YN65 XDVExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15257YN65 XDWExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15258YN65 XDXExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15259YN65 XDZExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15260YN65 XDMExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15306YN67 YJOTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
15307YN67 YJPTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
15308YN67 YJRTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
15309YN67 YJSTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
15310YN67 YJTTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
15311YN67 YJUTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
15312YN67 YJVTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCRed
15313YN67 YJWTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCnon-standard
15314YN67 YJXTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCnon-standard
15315YN67 YJYTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCnon-standard
15316YN67 YJZTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
15317YN67 YKATorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCnon-standard
15318YN67 YKBTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
15319YN67 YKCTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach 2020
15320YN67 YKDTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCnon-standard
15321YN67 YKETorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCnon-standard
15322YN67 YKFTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCnon-standard
15323YN67 YKGTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
15324YN67 YKHTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
15325YN67 YKJTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
15326YN67 YKKTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
15327YN67 YKLTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMCStagecoach old
15431KX08 KZABarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15432KX08 KZLBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15433KX08 KZFBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15434KX08 KZGBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15435KX08 KZMBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15600GX10 HBJExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15601GX10 HBKExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15602GX10 HBLExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15603GX10 HBNExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15604GX10 HBOExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15605GX10 HBPExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15665WA10 GHGExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15669WA10 GHNBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15781WA61 KLDExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15782WA61 KLEExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15783WA61 KLJExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15784WA61 KLFExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15785WA61 KLKExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15786WA61 KLLExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15787WA61 KLMExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15788WA61 KLOExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15789WA61 KLPBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15790WA61 KLUBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15792WA61 KLXBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15793WA61 KLZBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15794WA61 KMEBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15795WA61 KMFBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15796WA61 KMGBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15797WA61 KMJBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15798WA61 KMKBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15799WA61 KMMTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15800WA61 KZLTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15801WA61 KZMTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15802WA61 KZNTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15803WA61 KZOPlymouthScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15804GX12 DXSExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15805GX12 DXTExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15806GX12 DXUExeterScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15860WA62 AKUPlymouthScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15861WA62 AKVTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach green
15862WA62 AMKTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15863WA62 ANPTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach green
15864WA62 ANUTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach green
15865WA62 ANXTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach green
15866WA62 AOHTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15867WA62 AOJTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15868WA62 AOMTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15881WA13 GCUBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
15882WA13 GCVBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15883WA13 GCXBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
15884WA13 GCYBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15885WA13 GCZBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15886WA13 GDEBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15887WA13 GDFBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15888WA13 GDJBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15889WA13 GDKBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
15890WA13 GDOBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
15891WA13 GDUBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
15892WA13 GDVBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15893WA13 GDXTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
15894WA13 GDYTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15895WA13 GDZTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
15896WA13 GEJTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
15897WA13 GEKTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15898WA13 GEUTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
15899WA13 GEYTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
15900WA13 GFETorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15901WA13 GFGTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15902WA13 GFJBarnstapleScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
15924YN63 BWYPlymouthScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15925YN63 BWVPlymouthScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15926YN63 BWWPlymouthScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15927YN63 BWXPlymouthScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15928YN63 BXDPlymouthScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15930YN63 BXCTorquayScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15931YN63 BWZPlymouthScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15932YN63 BXAPlymouthScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15961YN14 OWOPlymouthScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15962YN14 OWPPlymouthScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
15963YN14 OWRPlymouthScania / Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach yellow/gold
18136KN04 XJLBarnstapleDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Stagecoach old
18186MX54 LPNTorquayDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Stagecoach 2020
18303WA05 MGXTorquayDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Stagecoach 2020
18304WA05 MHJTorquay (r)Dennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Stagecoach 2020
18305WA05 MHETorquayDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Stagecoach 2020
18306WA05 MHFTorquayDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Stagecoach 2020
18307WA05 MGYTorquayDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Stagecoach 2020
18308WA05 MGZExeterDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400non-standard
18368WJ55 NMATorquayDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Stagecoach old
18384MX55 KSETorquayDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Stagecoach 2020
18393KX55 TLKBarnstapleDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Stagecoach old
18397KX55 TLVTorquayDennis Trident / Alexander ALX400Stagecoach 2020
19001MX06 LUOExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
19002MX06 XAAExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
19003MX06 XABTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
19006MX06 XAEPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
19008MX06 XAHExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
19065MX56 FSUBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
19093MX56 PHKBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
19094MX56 PHNExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
19095MX56 PHOBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
19102MX07 HMABarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
19105MX07 HMEBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
19106MX07 HMFBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
19107MX07 HMGBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
19109MX07 HMJBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
19110MX07 HMKBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
19119MX07 HNDBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach old
19321WA08 NOFPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
19322WA08 NOHPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
19323WA08 NOUTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
19324WA08 NPCTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
19571WA59 FWTPlymouth (-)Alexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
19657WA60 FHOExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
19658WA60 FHPExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Stagecoach 2020
24140WA59 FWVExeterMAN / Alexander Dennis Enviro300Stagecoach old
24141WA59 FWWExeterMAN / Alexander Dennis Enviro300Stagecoach 2020
24142WA59 FWXExeterMAN / Alexander Dennis Enviro300Stagecoach 2020
24143WA59 FWYExeterMAN / Alexander Dennis Enviro300Stagecoach 2020
24144WA59 FWZExeterMAN / Alexander Dennis Enviro300Stagecoach 2020
24145WA59 FXBExeterMAN / Alexander Dennis Enviro300Stagecoach 2020
24146WA59 FXCExeterMAN / Alexander Dennis Enviro300Stagecoach 2020
24147WA59 FXDExeterMAN / Alexander Dennis Enviro300Stagecoach 2020
24148WA59 FXEExeterMAN / Alexander Dennis Enviro300non-standard
24149WA59 FXFExeterMAN / Alexander Dennis Enviro300Stagecoach 2020
24150WA59 FXGExeterMAN / Alexander Dennis Enviro300Stagecoach 2020
24151WA59 FXHExeterMAN / Alexander Dennis Enviro300Stagecoach 2020
26034YX65 RCVPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach 2020
26035YX65 RCYPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach 2020
26036YX65 RCZPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach 2020
26037YX65 RDOPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach 2020
26038YX65 RDUPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach 2020
34610NK04 NPVExeter (t)Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach 2020
34689PX05 EKZExeter (t)Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach 2020 Training
34776PX55 EFFExeter (t)Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach 2020 Training
34866WA06 HMYTorquayDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach 2020
34869WA06 HNCTorquayDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach 2020
34873WA06 HNGExeter (t)Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach (+blue)
34876WA06 HNKTorquayDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach 2020
35165WA56 FKSBarnstapleDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach 2020
35166WA56 FKTBarnstapleDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach 2020
35169WA56 FKWBarnstapleDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach 2020
35171WA56 FKYBarnstapleDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach 2020
35244WA56 NNHTorquay (r)Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach (+blue)
35245WA56 NNJExeter (t)Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Stagecoach 2020 Training
36221WA60 HLNBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36222WA60 HLOBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36223WA60 HLPExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36224WA60 HLRExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36225WA60 HLUExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
36226WA60 HLVExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36227WA60 HLWExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36228WA60 HLXExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36229WA60 HLYExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36230WA60 HLZExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36231WA11 BXWExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
36233WA11 BXYExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36234WA11 BXZExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36235WA11 BYBExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36236WA11 BYCExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36237WA11 CGFExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36238WA11 CGGExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36239WA11 CGKTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36240WA11 CGOTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
36241WA11 CGUTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
36242WA11 CGVTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36243WA11 CGXTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
36244WA11 CGYTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
36245WA11 CGZTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
36246WA11 CHCTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36247WA11 CHDTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
36248WA11 CHFTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
36249WA11 CHGTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36251WA11 CHJTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36252WA11 CHKTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
36253WA11 CHLTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
36254WA11 CHNTorquayAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
37028YX63 ZVYExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37029YX63 ZVZExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
37030YX63 ZWAExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
37031YX63 LHNExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
37032YX63 LHOExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
37033YX63 LHPExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
37113YY14 WFDExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37114YY14 WFEPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37115YY14 WFFPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
37116YY14 WFGPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37117YY14 WFHExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37118YY14 WFJPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37119YY14 WFKPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37120YY14 WFLPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37130YY14 WGFExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37131YY14 WGGExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37132YY14 WGJExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37133YY14 WGKExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37134YY14 WGMBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37135YY14 WGNBarnstapleAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37136YY14 WGOPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach 2020
37137YY14 WGPPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37138YY14 WGUPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37139YY14 WGVPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37140YY14 WGWPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37141YY14 WGXPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37142YY14 WGZPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200Stagecoach old
37440SN16 ORXExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37441SN16 ORZExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37442SN16 OSPExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37443SN16 OSRExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37444SN16 OSUExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37468YX68 UTUPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37469YX68 UTVPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37470YX68 UTWPlymouthAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach 2020
37471YX68 UTYExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37472YX68 UTZExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37473YX68 UUAExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37474YX68 UUBExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37475YX68 UUCExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach 2020
37476YX68 UUDExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37477YX68 UUEExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37478YX68 UUFExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37479YX68 UUGExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37480YX68 UUHExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
37481YX68 UUJExeterAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCStagecoach old
44010BV66 GSYExeterMercedes-Benz SprinterStagecoach 2020
44023BV66 GUJExeterMercedes-Benz SprinterStagecoach 2020
47086WA04 TWZTorquayOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47088WA04 TXCBarnstapleOptare SoloStagecoach old
47089WA04 TXDTorquayOptare SoloStagecoach old
47090WA04 TXETorquayOptare SoloStagecoach old
47091WA04 TXFExeterOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47092WA04 TXGPlymouthOptare SoloStagecoach (+blue)
47093WA04 TXHPlymouthOptare SoloStagecoach (+blue)
47098WA04 TXNTorquayOptare SoloStagecoach old
47099WA04 TXPExeterOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47100WA04 TXRTorquayOptare SoloStagecoach old
47101WA04 TXSTorquayOptare SoloStagecoach old
47103WA04 TXUExeterOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47313WA06 NHFPlymouthOptare SoloStagecoach (+blue)
47355AE06 TWXBarnstapleOptare SoloStagecoach (+blue)
47443WA56 FKZPlymouthOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47445WA56 FLCBarnstapleOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47446WA56 FLDBarnstapleOptare SoloStagecoach (+blue)
47447WA56 FYGBarnstapleOptare SoloStagecoach old
47448WA56 FYHBarnstapleOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47520CN57 FWMTorquayOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47526CN57 BXEBarnstapleOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47535WA57 FXTTorquayOptare SoloStagecoach old
47597YJ56 ATOPlymouthOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47598YJ06 FYXPlymouthOptare SoloStagecoach (+blue)
47599YJ06 FZNPlymouthOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47600YJ07 EHXTorquayOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47690WA58 MVSTorquayOptare SoloStagecoach (+blue)
47691WA58 MRVTorquayOptare SoloStagecoach 2020
47692WA58 MVPTorquayOptare SoloStagecoach old
48003YJ15 ADVExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach old
48004YJ15 ADXExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach old
48005YJ15 ADZExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach old
48006YJ15 AEAExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach old
48007YJ15 ABFExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach old
48008YJ15 ABKExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach 2020
48009YJ15 ABNExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach 2020
48010YJ15 ABOExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach old
48011YJ15 ABUExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach 2020
48012YJ15 ABXExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach 2020
48013YJ15 ABZExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach old
48014YJ15 ACFExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach old
48015YJ15 ACOExeterOptare Solo SRStagecoach 2020
48016YJ15 ACUPlymouthOptare Solo SRStagecoach old
48017YJ15 AAEPlymouthOptare Solo SRStagecoach old
48018YJ15 AAFTorquayOptare Solo SRStagecoach old
48020YJ15 AANTorquayOptare Solo SRStagecoach 2020
48032YJ66 ASOPlymouthOptare Solo SRStagecoach 2020
48034YJ66 ASVPlymouth (*)Optare Solo SRStagecoach 2020
48035YJ66 ASXPlymouth (*)Optare Solo SRStagecoach 2020
53235SV55 FKLPlymouth (t)Volvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileStagecoach old
53236SV55 FKMExeter (t)Volvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileStagecoach old
53603KX58 NBLPlymouth (t)Volvo B9R / Plaxton PantherStagecoach old
53604KX58 NBMExeter (t)Volvo B9R / Plaxton PantherStagecoach old
53611KX58 NCDPlymouth (t)Volvo B9R / Plaxton PantherStagecoach old
54211SF62 CZVPlymouth (r)Volvo B11RT / Plaxton Elite iWhite
54305YX64 WCJPlymouthVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteStagecoach yellow/gold
54306YX64 WCKPlymouthVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteStagecoach yellow/gold
54307YX64 WCLPlymouthVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteStagecoach yellow/gold
54308YX64 WCMPlymouthVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteStagecoach yellow/gold
54319YY65 VXUPlymouthVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteStagecoach yellow/gold
54320YY65 VXVPlymouthVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteStagecoach yellow/gold
54321YY65 VXWPlymouthVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteStagecoach yellow/gold
54322YY65 VXXPlymouthVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteStagecoach yellow/gold
54323YY65 VXZPlymouthVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteStagecoach yellow/gold
54324YY65 VYAPlymouthVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteStagecoach yellow/gold
54325YY65 VYBPlymouthVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteStagecoach yellow/gold
54326YY65 VYCPlymouthVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteStagecoach yellow/gold