The Big Lemon

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Updated 22 May 2023

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WJ55 FHDBristol (-)Optare SoloBig Lemon
YJ06 YRDBrightonOptare SoloBig Lemon
GN08 CHCBristolAlexander Dennis Enviro200Red
LK08 DXDBristol (-)Alexander Dennis Enviro200Yellow
MX58 ABOBrightonOptare Solonon-standard
MX58 ABUBrightonOptare Solonon-standard
NK11 GVCBrightonFord TransitBig Lemon
YJ12 GWVBrighton (-)Optare Solo SR EVBig Lemon
YJ12 GWWBrightonOptare Solo SR EVBig Lemon
YJ12 GWXBrighton (*)Optare Versa EVBig Lemon
YJ12 GWYBrighton (*)Optare Versa EVBig Lemon
YJ12 GWZBrightonOptare Versa EVYellow
YJ62 FZABrightonOptare Solo EVBig Lemon
YD63 VBMBrightonOptare Solo SR EV2x green
YD63 VDABrighton (*)Optare Solo SR EVHarrogate Electrics
YJ14 BCKBrightonOptare Solo SR EVHarrogate Electrics
SN64 CUCBristol (-)Wright StreetLite WFWhite
SN64 CUGBristolWright StreetLite WFWhite
SN64 CUJBristol (-)Wright StreetLite WFWhite
YX17 NRNBristolAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YX17 NRUBristolAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YX17 NRVBristolAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YX17 NRYBristolAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YX17 NSKBristolAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YX17 NSNBristolAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YX17 NSOBrightonAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YX17 NSUBristolAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
SN67 XBKBristolAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCWhite
YJ68 FZLBrightonOptare Solo SR EVBig Lemon
YJ68 FZNBrightonOptare Solo SR EVBig Lemon
YJ68 FZOBrightonOptare Solo SR EVBig Lemon
YJ19 HXVBrightonOptare Solo SR EVBig Lemon
BIG 939BrightonHiger SteedBig Lemon
BIG 558BrightonHiger SteedBig Lemon
BIG 822BrightonHiger SteedBig Lemon
BIG 949BrightonHiger SteedBig Lemon