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Updated 30 Apr 2023

To record a change of depot, status, or livery, click on a vehicle to bring up the vehicle record, then use the relevant "change" button. If a vehicle is missing, search for it, and if it isn't found on the database, click the "Suggest" button to get it added.

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1764YJ07 EHRBradfordOptare SoloMetro
1765YJ07 VTEOptare SoloAccess Bus (green/white)
1766YJ07 VTFBradfordOptare SoloAccess Bus (red/white)
1767YJ07 VTLBradfordOptare SoloAccess Bus (red/white)
1768YJ09 KZSOptare SoloAccess Bus (red/white)
1769YJ09 KZTOptare SoloAccess Bus (green/white)
1770YJ09 KZXBradfordOptare Solonon-standard
1771YJ09 KZYOptare SoloAccess Bus (red/white)
1772YJ09 KZZOptare SoloAccess Bus (green/white)
1773YJ09 LAABradfordOptare SoloAccess Bus (green/white)
1774YJ09 LAEOptare SoloAccess Bus (red/white)
1775YJ09 LAOOptare SoloAccess Bus (red/white)
1776YJ09 OUWOptare SoloAccess Bus (red/white)
1777YJ09 OUXOptare SoloAccess Bus (red/white)
1819YJ09 OUYBradfordOptare SoloAccess Bus (green/white)
1820YJ09 OVAOptare SoloAccess Bus (red/white)
1821YJ07 VTKOptare SoloAccess Bus (green/white)
1822YJ07 VTGOptare SoloAccess Bus (green/white)
2609MX07 BCVBradfordOptare SoloTLC
2835YJ07 VTNBradfordOptare SoloMetro
2913YJ57 EJOTodmordenOptare SoloMetro
2915YJ57 EJVBradfordOptare SoloMetro
2917YJ57 EJYBradfordOptare SoloTLC
3097MX09 MJFBradfordOptare SoloTLC
3104MX09 AOMBradfordOptare SoloTLC
3384YJ09 KZNBradfordOptare SoloMetro
3385YJ09 KZOBradfordOptare SoloMetro
3386YJ09 KZPBradfordOptare SoloMetro
3387YJ09 KZRTodmordenOptare SoloMetro
3390YJ09 KZUBradfordOptare SoloMetro
3391YJ09 KZVBradfordOptare SoloMetro
3392YJ09 KZWBradfordOptare SoloMetro
3536YJ10 EYXTodmordenOptare SoloTLC
7294YJ68 FXROptare Solo SRMcGill's
13972YY64 TXUBradfordAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
13981YY64 TXVHuddersfieldAlexander Dennis Enviro200TLC
14685YX15 XMHBradfordAlexander Dennis Enviro200TLC
14856SN15 LROBradfordAlexander Dennis Enviro200TLC
15472SN16 ORLBradfordAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
15473SN16 OROBradfordAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
15475SN66 WKHBradfordAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
15476SN66 WKJHuddersfieldAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
18188YX71 OJOBradfordAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCWhite
90436YD63 UZEBradfordOptare Solo SRWhite
90479YJ62 FPTTodmordenOptare Solo SRTLC
90730YD63 UZGBradfordOptare Solo SRTLC
90814YD63 VEATodmordenOptare Solo SRTLC
90815YD63 VEBTodmordenOptare Solo SRTLC
90816YD63 VEFTodmordenOptare Solo SRTLC
90817YD63 VEHBradfordOptare Solo SRTLC
90818YD63 VEKBradfordOptare Solo SRTLC
90819YD63 VELTodmordenOptare Solo SRTLC
90923YJ14 BGYBradfordOptare Solo SRWhite
90955YJ64 DZNHuddersfieldOptare Solo SRMetro
90956YJ64 DZOHuddersfieldOptare Solo SRMetro
90957YJ64 DZPHuddersfieldOptare Solo SRMetro
90958YJ64 DZRHuddersfieldOptare Solo SRMetro
90959YJ14 BLNTodmordenOptare Solo SRMetro
90960YJ14 BLVTodmordenOptare Solo SRMetro
90961YJ14 BLXTodmordenOptare Solo SRMetro
91038KY16 PWOBradfordOptare Solo SRWhite
91042KX15 BHJBradfordOptare Solo SRWhite
91043KX15 BLKHuddersfieldOptare Solo SRTLC
91241YJ65 EORBradfordOptare Solo SRTLC
YJ15 ARFHuddersfieldOptare Solo SRnon-standard
LN69 OGXHuddersfieldMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor Stratanon-standard