Shiel Buses

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Updated 13 Nov 2023

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L80 SBLVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiGrey
L90 SBLVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiGrey
K80 SBLMercedes-Benz Atego / Unvi TouringSilver
K30 SBLVolvo B12B / Van Hool AlizeeShiel Buses
YN07 KHBMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahShiel Buses
YN59 BLFMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton Beaver 3Shiel Buses
L50 SBLVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2Shiel Buses
L30 SBLVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2Grey
L20 SBLVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2Shiel Buses
K40 SBLVan Hool AlicronSilver
L60 SBLAlexander Dennis Enviro400non-standard
K400 SBLVolvo B11R / Jonckheere JHVShiel Buses
K22 SBLVolvo B9R / Plaxton LeopardSilver
Y40 SBLVan Hool AlicronShiel Buses
T40 SBLVan Hool AlicronShiel Buses
K55 SBLVolvo B9R / Plaxton Panther CubShiel Buses
K88 SBLVolvo B11R / Plaxton PantherShiel Buses
K33 SBLVan Hool AlicronCitylink
SN15 CDOMercedes-Benz SprinterShiel Buses
K99 SBLMercedes-Benz SprinterShiel Buses
K66 SBLVan Hool AlicronShiel Buses
SN17 BKUMercedes-Benz SprinterSilver
YJ17 FVEOptare Solo SRShiel Buses
K77 SBLVolvo B11R / Plaxton PantherShiel Buses
YY17 GRFAlexander Dennis Enviro200Shiel Buses
YY17 GRKAlexander Dennis Enviro200Shiel Buses
K10 SBLMercedes-Benz TourismoCitylink
YX67 URMVolvo B8R / Plaxton Panther CubSilver
K60 SBLMercedes-Benz TourismoCitylink
K20 SBLMercedes-Benz TourismoCitylink
K70 SBLMercedes-Benz TourismoCitylink
YJ18 BAOTemsa MD9White
YX18 KYZAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCShiel Buses
FNZ 2300Volvo B8R / Plaxton LeopardGrey
RJ19 HWFMercedes-Benz Sprinter / EVM AvantgardeShiel Buses
YY69 TLZAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCShiel Buses
YJ20 FNZTemsa MD9Shiel Buses
BV70 UAOMercedes-Benz TourismoCitylink
RO21 ZSGMercedes-Benz SprinterSilver
HSK 735Volvo B8R / Plaxton Panther CubSilver
SK22 BVXAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCShiel Buses
SK22 BVYAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCShiel Buses
SY22 AZGDAF LF / Noone TurasShiel Buses
SY22 AZJDAF LF / Noone TurasSilver
SY22 AZODAF LF / Noone TurasSilver
YX23 OYKAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSilver
YX23 OYLAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCSilver