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Updated 25 Feb 2024

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X44 BLAEssendineVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Cream
X57 XAWEssendineVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Cream
X945 YCCEssendineVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Cream
X88 BLAEssendineVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Cream
KBZ 8726EssendineVolvo B12M / Van Hool AlizeeCream
AM53 JUUEssendineVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Cream
AM53 JUXEssendineVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Cream
AM53 JUYEssendineVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Cream
AC04 GHUEssendineVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Cream
X22 BLAEssendineVolvo B7TL / Alexander ALX400Cream
CAZ 6604EssendineVolvo B12M / Plaxton ParagonCream
FAZ 2784EssendineVolvo B12M / Plaxton ParagonCream
SF55 HHAEssendineVolvo B7RLE / Wright EclipseCream
OUI 3918EssendineVolvo B12B / Plaxton PantherCream
FP 7732EssendineVolvo B12BT / Van Hool AstrobelCream
XIL 7321EssendineVolvo B9R / Plaxton PantherCream
HIL 9272EssendineVolvo B9R / Plaxton PantherCream
KX61 GDZEssendineVolvo B9R / Plaxton PantherCream
SV61 CUKEssendineVolvo B9R / Plaxton PantherCream
WP12 BUSEssendineVolvo B7RLE / MCV EvolutionPulham's
WDO 8EssendineMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahCream
GO63 OXFEssendineVolvo B11RT / Plaxton Elite iWhite
Y44 BLAEssendineVolvo B13RT / Plaxton EliteCream
Y22 BLAEssendineVolvo B13RT / Plaxton EliteCream
OB14 NDSEssendineVolvo B7RLE / MCV EvolutionCream
VB14 NDSEssendineVolvo B13RT / Plaxton EliteCream
UB14 NDSEssendineVolvo B7RLE / MCV EvolutionCream
FP 7081EssendineVolvo B11RT / Jonckheere SHVCream
FP 6539EssendineVolvo B11RT / Jonckheere SHVCream
FP 7788EssendineVolvo B11R / Jonckheere JHVCream
URZ 5311EssendineVolvo B11R / Plaxton PantherCream
RU71 BUSEssendineVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraCream
XX22 BLAEssendineIveco Daily / Ilesbus i-CityCream
XX23 BLAEssendineVolvo B8RLE / MCV EvoraCream