Greys of Ely

N.B. This list is incomplete.

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Updated 13 May 2023

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P634 FFCWitchfordVolvo B10B / Plaxton VerdeCream
P349 ROOWitchfordVolvo Olympian / East Lancs Pyoneernon-standard
Y844 GCDWitchfordDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentCream
Y845 GCDWitchfordDennis Trident / Plaxton Presidentnon-standard
Y857 GCDWitchfordDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentCream
YN03 DFCWitchfordScania / East Lancs OmniDekkanon-standard
YV03 PZGWitchfordScania / East Lancs OmniDekkaWestbus cream
YV03 RAUWitchfordScania / East Lancs OmniDekkaWestbus cream
ESU 629WitchfordIveco / Vehixel ScolabusGrey
SN04 ADVWitchfordDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentCream
SN04 AEJWitchfordDennis Trident / Plaxton Presidentnon-standard
SN04 AEMWitchfordDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentCream
SN04 AEPWitchfordDennis Trident / Plaxton PresidentCream
SN04 AEUWitchfordDennis Trident / Plaxton Presidentnon-standard
G20 ELYWitchfordVDL SynergyGrey
PSU 353WitchfordIveco EuroRider / Marcopolo ViaggioWhite
KM57 AKXWitchfordDennis Javelin / Plaxton ProfileGold
G10 ELYWitchfordVolvo B13RT / Jonckheere SHVGrey
MY12 OPRWitchfordIrizar i6Grey
G16 ELYWitchfordIrizar i6Grey
YD14 GDJWitchfordVDL SynergyWhite
G17 ELYWitchfordVan Hool AstromegaGrey
R44 ELYWitchfordMercedes-Benz SprinterSilver
G14 ELYWitchfordIrizar i6Grey
G12 ELYWitchfordIrizar i8Grey
LV16 VPNWitchfordFord TransitGrey
G2 ELYWitchfordVolvo B11RT / Plaxton EliteWhite
MY66 REYWitchfordVan Hool AltanoBlack
G7 ELYWitchfordIveco Daily / Ferqui SRWhite
G6 ELYWitchfordIveco Daily / Ferqui SRGrey
G15 ELYWitchfordIrizar i6sWeavaway
G18 ELYWitchfordIrizar i6sWeavaway
HV69 CUXWitchfordFord TransitSilver