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Updated 15 Apr 2024

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FJ04 SNVKington (-)Volvo B12B / Caetano EnigmaWhite
MX55 BXUKingtonOptare SoloRed
YJ06 FYUKingtonOptare SoloRed
T600 NTSKingtonVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiRed
MX58 ABFKingtonOptare VersaRed
YJ10 MHUKingtonOptare SoloRed
H3 EFAKingtonNeoplan TourlinerApplegates coach
YJ12 GVFKingtonOptare Solo EVRed
YJ12 GVGKingtonOptare Solo EVRed
YJ62 FVTKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ62 FXKKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ62 FZOKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ62 FZRKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
D7 EFAKingtonOptare VersaRed
YD63 VDZKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ14 BGKKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ14 BGOKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ16 DDAKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ16 DFGKingtonOptare MetroDeckerRed
YJ66 AOOKingtonOptare MetroCityRed
YJ66 APZKingtonOptare MetroCityRed
YJ67 FYVKingtonOptare MetroCityRed
YJ67 GEKKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ18 CZGKingtonOptare MetroCityRed
YJ18 CZLKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ18 DKYKingtonOptare MetroCityRed
OP14 AREKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ68 FTOKingtonOptare MetroCityRed
YJ71 GSYKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ72 ETZKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ72 EUMKingtonOptare Solo SRRed
YJ72 EUNKingtonOptare Solo SRRed