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Updated 16 Jun 2024

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EV08 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway
EV11 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway
EV05 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway
EV04 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway
EV64 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway Exclusive
EV15 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway Exclusive
EV60 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway
EV61 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway
EV62 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway
EV10 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway
EV17 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway
EV09 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway
EV63 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway Exclusive
EV19 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool AltanoEavesway Exclusive
EV53 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldMercedes-Benz SprinterEavesway Exclusive
EV22 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldYutong TC9Eavesway Exclusive
EV20 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool EXEavesway Exclusive
EV21 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldVan Hool EXEavesway Exclusive
EV23 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldYutong TC9Eavesway Exclusive
EV02 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldYutong GT12Silver
EV03 WAYAshton-in-MakerfieldYutong GT12Silver