South Wales Transport

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Updated 20 Apr 2022

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SF04 ZXCSwanseaDennis Dart MPD / Plaxton Pointer 2South Wales
SN55 DVKSwansea (*)Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2Yellow
SN55 DVLSwanseaDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2South Wales
SN55 HTFSwanseaDennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Pointer 2South Wales
LK06 BWCSwansea (*)Dennis Dart SLF / East Lancs Myllenniumnon-standard
CN07 KZLSwansea (l)Optare SoloFirst 2012
YN07 NTTSwansea (-)Volvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileSouth Wales
BT08 BJTSwanseaDennis Javelin / Plaxton Profile
WX08 SWKSwanseaMAN / Wright MeridianSouth Wales
WA58 TBOSwanseaVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
CU58 OAYSwansea (-)Volvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
CT09 FKRSwansea (-)Volvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
CT09 FLHSwansea (-)Volvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
CT09 FLJSwansea (-)Volvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
YX09 FKSSwansea (*)Alexander Dennis Enviro200South Wales
YX09 FKUSwansea (*)Alexander Dennis Enviro200Compass Bus
YX09 FKVSwansea (*)Alexander Dennis Enviro200South Wales
CT59 HDCSwansea (-)Volvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
CT59 HDGSwansea (-)Volvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
ME10 BUSSwansea (*)Mercedes-Benz OC500 / Caetano LevanteMegabus
M200 SWTSwansea (-)Volvo B12M / Plaxton PantherSouth Wales
M300 SWTSwansea (-)Volvo B12M / Plaxton PantherSouth Wales
CV60 HVZSwansea (-)Ford TransitWhite
BX11 GVASwanseaVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
BX11 GWASwanseaVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileWhite
L100 SWTSwanseaVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteSouth Wales
MX61 BBESwanseaAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
MX61 BBFSwanseaAlexander Dennis Enviro200South Wales
MX61 BBJSwanseaAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YN12 BNVSwanseaMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahReays
YX12 DHPSwanseaAlexander Dennis Enviro200Green
YX12 DHUSwanseaAlexander Dennis Enviro200Green
M100 SWTSwanseaVolvo B9R / Plaxton PantherStotts
MK63 WZWSwanseaAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
BU14 EGDSwanseaVolvo B7RLE / MCV Evolutionnon-standard
DN14 LONSwanseaVolvo B11R / Jonckheere JHVSouth Wales
SN15 LRVSwanseaAlexander Dennis Enviro200South Wales
YN15 YTLSwanseaIrizar i6White
YX15 XMRSwanseaAlexander Dennis Enviro200South Wales
YG65 APUSwanseaYutong TC9South Wales
YJ16 UTVSwanseaYutong TC9South Wales
YY16 YJXSwanseaAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YJ66 AOUSwanseaOptare Solo SRnon-standard
YX17 NYUSwanseaAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
YX17 NYVSwanseaAlexander Dennis Enviro200White
BA19 OVXSwanseaMercedes-Benz TourismoSouth Wales
BA19 OVYSwanseaMercedes-Benz TourismoSouth Wales