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Updated 11 Mar 2024

To record a change of depot, status, or livery, click on a vehicle to bring up the vehicle record, then use the relevant "change" button. If a vehicle is missing, search for it, and if it isn't found on the database, click the "Suggest" button to get it added.

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J400 JBTStanningleyScania OmniCity (d/d)Yellow
J600 JBTStanningleyScania OmniCity (d/d)Yellow
J900 JBTStanningleyScania OmniCity (d/d)Silver
L400 JBTStanningleyScania OmniCity (d/d)Silver
Y15 JBTStanningleyNeoplan TourlinerWhite
WJ16 KCAStanningleyMAN / Beulas CygnusWhite
V17 JBTStanningleyMAN / Beulas CygnusWhite
OY67 DXBStanningleyNeoplan TourlinerWhite
V700 JBTStanningleyVolvo B11R / Sunsundegui SC7White
PO68 BYFStanningleyMAN / Mobipeople ExplorerSilver
N900 JBTStanningleyKing Long C12White
V19 JBTStanningleyVDL SB4000 / Beulas AuraMegabus
GB20 JBTStanningleyMAN / Mobipeople ExplorerWhite
JT20 JBTStanningleyScania / Mobipeople ExplorerWhite
GB70 JBTStanningleyMAN / Mobipeople ExplorerWhite
JT70 JBTStanningleyScania InterlinkNational Holidays
JT71 JBTStanningleyMAN / Mobipeople Midi ExplorerWhite
JB72 JBTStanningleyMAN / Beulas AuraWhite