Buses of Somerset

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Updated 31 May 2023

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20323S10 FTRTauntonVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileTruronian
20324S20 FTRTauntonVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileTruronian
20325S30 FTRTauntonVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileTruronian
20361HIG 1527BridgwaterVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileTruronian
20364S40 FTRTauntonVolvo B7R / Plaxton ProfileTruronian
20556T77 TRUBridgwaterVolvo B12B / Plaxton PantherTruronian
20801OWB 243BridgwaterVolvo B9R / Plaxton ParagonTruronian
20802TFO 319BridgwaterVolvo B9R / Plaxton ParagonTruronian
20804NER 621BridgwaterVolvo B9R / Plaxton ParagonTruronian
23208VOO 273TauntonVolvo B12B / Plaxton PantherTruronian
23313MIG 3863TauntonScania / Irizar PBTruronian
23325MIG 3864TauntonScania / Irizar PBTruronian
23752W20 TRUTauntonScania OmniExpressWhite
32600SF54 TJYBridgwater (-)Volvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiFirst 2018
32603SF54 TKCTauntonVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiFirst 2012
32738SN59 AVWBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Atlantic Coasters
32739SN59 AVXBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Atlantic Coasters
32740SN59 AWOBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Atlantic Coasters
32767WJ55 CTETauntonDennis Trident / East Lancs Myllennium LolyneFirst 2012
33420WA08 MVETauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400Blue
33421WA08 MVFTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400Blue
33506LK08 FKYTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
33508LK08 FLATauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
33547SN58 CFOTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
33550SN58 CFVTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
33554SN58 CGETauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
33556SN58 CGGTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
33560SN58 CGVTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400excel
33564SN58 CHCTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400excel
33565SN58 CHDTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
33566SN58 CHFTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
33569SN58 CHJTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
33571SN58 CHLTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
33600SN09 CFUBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Atlantic Coasters
33710SN12 AHYTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400First 2012
33712SN12 AJOTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400First 2012
33717SN12 AKFBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Sheffield Blue
33720SN12 AKKBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400First 2012
33755SN12 AORTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro400First 2012
34466LJ59 LZGBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
34467LJ59 LZHBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
34468LJ59 LZKBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
34469LJ59 LZLBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
34470LJ59 LZMBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
34471LJ59 LZNBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
34472LJ59 LZOBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Green
36081SN57 DBYBridgwater (-)Scania OmniCity (d/d)Atlantic Coasters
36082SN57 DCEBridgwaterScania OmniCity (d/d)Atlantic Coasters
37058YJ06 XMKBridgwater (-)Volvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiAtlantic Coasters
37151YN06 URETaunton (-)Volvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse Gemininon-standard
37729YJ09 OCABridgwaterVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiAtlantic Coasters
44077YX58 HVGYeovilAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44079YX58 HVJYeovilAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44507YX58 HWFYeovilAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44508YX58 HWGYeovilAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44509YX58 HWHTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200First 2012
44510YX58 HWJYeovilAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44534SN62 DCXBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44535SN62 DCYBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44536SN62 DCZBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44637MX14 FUHBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44639YX14 RZGYeovilAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44640SK15 GXYYeovilAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44918YX09 AHEYeovilAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44919YX09 AHFYeovilAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44920YX09 AHGYeovilAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44921YX09 ADUYeovilAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44922YX09 ADVTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44923YX09 ADZTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44924YX09 AHKTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44932MX62 AVVYeovilAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
44933YW14 FHUBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
45114YX58 FRNTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
45115YX58 FRPTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro200Buses of Somerset
47413SK63 KLUTauntonWright StreetLite DFFirst 2012
47414SK63 KLVTauntonWright StreetLite DFFirst 2012
47415SK63 KLXTauntonWright StreetLite DFFirst 2012
47416SK63 KLZTauntonWright StreetLite DFFirst 2012
47535MK63 XAMTauntonWright StreetLite DFPark & Ride
47536MK63 XANTauntonWright StreetLite DFPark & Ride
47537MK63 XAOTauntonWright StreetLite DFPark & Ride
47538MK63 XAPTauntonWright StreetLite DFPark & Ride
47540MX62 ARUTauntonWright StreetLite DFBuses of Somerset
47541MX13 BAVTauntonWright StreetLite DFBuses of Somerset
47542MX13 BBFTauntonWright StreetLite DFBuses of Somerset
47543MX13 BBJTauntonWright StreetLite DFBuses of Somerset
47572MX13 BCUTauntonWright StreetLite DFBuses of Somerset
55108MX12 DYMTauntonWright StreetLite WFBuses of Somerset
65724LK55 ABZTauntonScania / Wright SolarBlue
65725LK55 ACFTauntonScania / Wright SolarBlue
67701SN60 EAATauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300non-standard
67703SN60 EAETauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300Atlantic Coasters
67704SN60 EAFTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300non-standard
67705SN60 EAGTaunton (*)Alexander Dennis Enviro300non-standard
67706SN60 EAJTaunton (-)Alexander Dennis Enviro300non-standard
67709SN60 EAPTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300Atlantic Coasters
67710SN60 EAWTauntonAlexander Dennis Enviro300non-standard
SN59 AVUBridgwaterAlexander Dennis Enviro400Atlantic Coasters