Edwards Bros. (Tiers Cross)

N.B. This list is incomplete.

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Updated 10 Jun 2023

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P100 SDETiers CrossVolvo B10M / Jonckheere DeauvilleGold
V390 SVVTiers CrossMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton Beaver 2White
YN04 WTJTiers CrossVolvo B12M / Plaxton ParagonWhite
T3 FWSTiers CrossVolvo B12B / Plaxton PantherWhite
RE06 RDETiers CrossMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahGold
YN09 AOWTiers CrossVolvo B9R / Plaxton PantherGold
VX59 HFHTiers CrossFiat DucatoSilver
HE10 HDETiers CrossVolvo B12M / Jonckheere JHVGold
NJ10 TYGTiers CrossOptare Solo SRTaf Valley white
YJ10 EXUTiers CrossOptare Solonon-standard
YJ60 LRLTiers CrossOptare Solonon-standard
MX13 BCETiers CrossWright StreetLite WFWhite/orange
SN13 GGATiers CrossMercedes-Benz Vario / Unvi ClassicGold
YN13 GXGTiers CrossVolvo B9R / Plaxton PantherGold
SG64 UYJTiers CrossVolvo B9R / Plaxton LeopardGold
YX65 ZJUTiers CrossVolvo B8R / Plaxton PantherWhite
YJ66 AEETiers CrossOptare Solo SRWhite
JE17 JDETiers CrossVolvo B11R / Plaxton PantherGold
RE17 FBFTiers CrossMercedes-Benz SprinterWhite
YJ17 CPYTiers CrossOptare Solo SRWhite