CT4N (Nottingham Community Transport)

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Updated 26 Sep 2022

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To record a change of depot, status, or livery, click on a vehicle to bring up the vehicle record, then use the relevant "change" button. If a vehicle is missing, search for it, and if it isn't found on the database, click the "Suggest" button to get it added.

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901MJ65 VVYSherwoodFord TransitEasylink
902MJ65 VWASherwoodFord TransitEasylink
903MJ65 VWCSherwoodFord TransitEasylink
904MJ65 VWESherwoodFord TransitEasylink
905MJ65 VWGSherwoodFord TransitEasylink
906MJ65 VWKSherwoodFord TransitWhite
909K25 CTNSherwoodMercedes-Benz SprinterSilver
918DK18 AELSherwoodPeugeot Boxernon-standard
919DK18 AHZSherwoodPeugeot BoxerSilver
920K26 CTNSherwoodMercedes-Benz SprinterSilver
921K16 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
922K17 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
923K18 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
924K19 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
925K55 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
926K77 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
929YJ10 EZLSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
930YJ10 EZMSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
932YJ10 EZOSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
977LJ16 NMKQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
978LJ16 NMMQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
979LJ16 NMOQueens DriveBYD K9UR2x blue
980LJ16 NMUQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
981LJ16 NMVQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
982LJ16 NMXQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
983LJ16 NMYQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
984LJ16 NMZQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
985LJ16 NNAQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
986LJ16 NNBQueens DriveBYD K9URRed
987LJ16 NNCQueens DriveBYD K9URBlack/red
988LJ16 NNEQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
989LJ16 NNFQueens DriveBYD K9UR2x blue
1003K33 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1004K44 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1005K66 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1006K40 CTNSherwoodOptare VersaGrey/blue
1007K30 CTNSherwoodOptare VersaGrey/blue
1008K20 CTNSherwoodOptare VersaGrey/blue
1009K10 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1010K11 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1011K12 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1012K13 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1013K14 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1016YJ09 EZSSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1020DK19 AWFSherwoodPeugeot BoxerSilver