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Updated 27 Oct 2023

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901MJ65 VVYSherwoodFord TransitEasylink
902MJ65 VWASherwoodFord TransitEasylink
903MJ65 VWCSherwoodFord TransitEasylink
904MJ65 VWESherwoodFord TransitEasylink
905GX14 NHLSherwoodFord TransitWhite
905MJ65 VWGSherwoodFord TransitEasylink
906MJ65 VWKSherwoodFord TransitWhite
909K25 CTNSherwoodMercedes-Benz SprinterSilver
911YP11 SPVSherwoodFord TransitSilver
918DK18 AELSherwoodPeugeot Boxernon-standard
919DK18 AHZSherwood (t)Peugeot BoxerSilver
920K26 CTNSherwoodMercedes-Benz SprinterSilver
921K16 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
923K18 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
924K19 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
929YJ10 EZLSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
930YJ10 EZMSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
932YJ10 EZOSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
940YD63 VAAQueens DriveOptare Versa EV2x blue
941YD63 VAEQueens DriveOptare Versa EV2x blue
945YD63 VAKQueens DriveOptare Versa EV2x blue
946YD63 VAMQueens DriveOptare Versa EV2x blue
947YD63 VAOQueens DriveOptare Versa EV2x blue
948YD63 VAUQueens DriveOptare Versa EV2x blue
949YD63 VAVQueens DriveOptare Versa EV2x blue
954YD63 VBFQueens DriveOptare Solo SR EV2x green
956YD63 VBJQueens DriveOptare Solo SR EV2x green
970YJ64 DZGQueens DriveOptare Solo SR EV2x green
975YJ64 DZUQueens DriveOptare Solo SR EV2x green
977LJ16 NMKQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
978LJ16 NMMQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
979LJ16 NMOQueens DriveBYD K9UR2x blue
980LJ16 NMUQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
981LJ16 NMVQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
982LJ16 NMXQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
983LJ16 NMYQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
984LJ16 NMZQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
985LJ16 NNAQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
986LJ16 NNBQueens DriveBYD K9URRed/black
987LJ16 NNCQueens DriveBYD K9URRed/black
988LJ16 NNEQueens DriveBYD K9URGreen/white/blue
989LJ16 NNFQueens DriveBYD K9UR2x blue
994KM21 OXKSherwoodMercedes-Benz SprinterEasylink
995KP21 OZTSherwoodMercedes-Benz SprinterEasylink
996KP21 PCUSherwoodMercedes-Benz SprinterEasylink
1001NK09 FVHQueens Drive (*)Optare VersaWhite/blue
1002NK09 FVJSherwoodOptare VersaWhite/blue
1003K33 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1004K44 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1005K66 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1006K40 CTNSherwoodOptare VersaWhite/blue
1007K30 CTNSherwoodOptare VersaGrey/blue
1008K20 CTNSherwoodOptare VersaGrey/blue
1009K10 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1010K11 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1011K12 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1012K13 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1013K14 CTNSherwoodOptare SoloWhite/blue
1014YJ62 FFBQueens DriveOptare VersaWhite/blue
1015YJ62 FLDQueens DriveOptare VersaWhite/blue
1016YJ09 EZSSherwoodOptare SoloGrey/blue
1020DK19 AWFSherwoodPeugeot BoxerSilver
1021YP63 RWLSherwoodFord TransitBlue
NK09 FVLQueens DriveOptare VersaWhite/blue