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Updated 28 May 2023

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YV03 PZXScania / East Lancs OmniDekkaPreston Bus old
YV03 RBFScania / East Lancs OmniDekkanon-standard
LK53 LZAVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiBadgerline
HF04 JWKVolvo B7TL / East Lancs Myllennium VykingYellow Buses
HF04 JWLVolvo B7TL / East Lancs Myllennium VykingYellow Buses
HF05 HNAVolvo B7TL / East Lancs Myllennium VykingYellow Buses
HF05 HNBVolvo B7TL / East Lancs Myllennium VykingYellow Buses
LF55 CYVVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiYellow Buses
LF55 CYXVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiYellow Buses
YJ06 XLMVolvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse GeminiFirst 2012
NK56 KHHScania OmniCity (s/d)Toon Link
NK56 KHJScania OmniCity (s/d)Toon Link
NK56 KHLScania OmniCity (s/d)Toon Link
NK56 KKLScania OmniCity (s/d)Go North East
KX07 OOYAlexander Dennis Enviro200Yellow Buses
NK07 GJOScania OmniCity (s/d)Go North East
HF57 BKNAlexander Dennis Enviro200Yellow Buses
LK57 EJNAlexander Dennis Enviro400Red/Grey
LK08 FLRAlexander Dennis Enviro400Red/Grey
SN08 AAYAlexander Dennis Enviro200non-standard
AJ58 PZLAlexander Dennis Enviro200 / MCV EvolutionHalton
LK58 KHCAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK58 KHDAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK58 KHEAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK58 KHFAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LX58 CCNAlexander Dennis Enviro200London Red
LK09 EKPAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK09 EKRAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LX09 EVFAlexander Dennis Enviro200 / Optare EsteemLondon Red
LK59 DYYAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK59 DZAAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK59 DZBAlexander Dennis Enviro400Red
LK59 DZCAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK59 DZDAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK59 DZEAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK59 DZJAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK59 DZLAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK59 DZMAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK59 DZNAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK59 DZOAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK59 DZPAlexander Dennis Enviro400London Red
LK59 FEPVolvo B9TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini 2London Red
SK17 HGUWright StreetLite DFLondon Red
SK17 HGXWright StreetLite DFLondon Red
SK17 HGYWright StreetLite DFLondon Red
SK17 HGZWright StreetLite DFLondon Red
SK17 HHAWright StreetLite DFLondon Red
SK17 HHBWright StreetLite DFLondon Red
SN17 MMUAlexander Dennis Enviro200 MMCLondon Red