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Updated 18 Nov 2023

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SC02 JHYVolvo B12M / Jonckheere MistralWhite
W30 CLCVolvo B12M / Jonckheere MistralBlue
CN04 NBYVolvo B12BT / Berkhof Axial 100White
YJ55 BGXOptare SoloWhite
FJ56 OBYScania / Caetano LevanteWhite
YN56 FEXScania / Irizar InterCenturyYellow
BC08 EBCMercedes-Benz Vario / Unvi ClassicWhite
YN58 CFMMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahSkills
YJ09 CYHVan Hool AstronCream
AE60 GRXMAN / MCV EvolutionWhite
XX60 CLCMercedes-Benz TourismoCream
FJ60 EJVVolvo B12BT / Jonckheere SHVWhite
E5 KVAVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteEsk Valley
L55 BSCVan Hool AstronefBlue
T10 HDCMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahHappy Days
FJ11 MKZVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteEsk Valley
BX61 DXGVolvo B9R / Jonckheere JHVWhite
DL61 AOLVolvo B9R / Sunsundegui SideralAbbott's
YX12 DHFAlexander Dennis Enviro200Halton
YX12 GGPAlexander Dennis Enviro200Halton
SG13 YRPVolvo B9R / Jonckheere JHVWhite
WD13 KPYScania / Irizar i6Silver
YN13 BXCIrizar i6Grey
YN63 BYYScania / Irizar i6Silver
N77 RJEVolvo B9R / Caetano LevantePortsmouth C.C. coach
YR15 VBZScania / Irizar i6White
YN65 XCSScania / Higer TouringWhite
BF16 XPHMercedes-Benz TourismoBlue
BJ16 KXMMercedes-Benz TourismoShearings
PO16 HTDMAN / Mobipeople ExplorerHeyfordian white
YJ16 EKBTemsa SafariWhite
YJ16 UTWYutong TC9White
BT66 MPVVolvo B11RT / Jonckheere SHVCream
OU17 ORYNeoplan TourlinerHeyfordian white
YG67 FZOMAN / Beulas CygnusHeyfordian white
YG67 FZRMAN / Beulas CygnusHeyfordian white
JSK 268Volvo B11R / Sunsundegui SC7Procters white
YJ18 AYNTemsa SafariWhite
YJ19 AYMTemsa MD9White
WR71 OECMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Ilesbus i-CityWhite