Davies Coaches (Cwmgwili)

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Updated 28 Mar 2024

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DC51 WALCwmgwiliDennis Javelin / Plaxton ProfileDavies Coaches
JUI 5931CwmgwiliDennis Javelin / Plaxton ProfileDavies Coaches
DC03 WALCwmgwiliVolvo B12M / Jonckheere MistralDavies Coaches
DC04 WALCwmgwiliDennis Javelin / Plaxton ProfileDavies Coaches
DC06 WALCwmgwiliVolvo B12M / Jonckheere MistralDavies Coaches
DC57 WALCwmgwiliBMC KarismaDavies Coaches
H13 EURCwmgwiliVolvo B12B / Jonckheere JHVDavies Coaches
DC07 WALCwmgwiliMercedes-Benz Atego / Beulas StelaDavies Coaches
KXA 394CwmgwiliScania / Berkhof AxialDavies Coaches
KXI 318CwmgwiliScania / Berkhof AxialDavies Coaches
NJI 1256CwmgwiliDennis Javelin / Plaxton ProfileWilliams
DC09 WALCwmgwiliSetra S416GT-HDDavies Coaches
DC08 WALCwmgwiliSetra S416GT-HDDavies Coaches
DC52 WALCwmgwiliMAN / FAST StarterWhite
DC53 WALCwmgwiliMAN / FAST StarterDavies Coaches
DC54 WALCwmgwiliMAN / FAST StarterDavies Coaches
DC59 WALCwmgwiliDennis Javelin / Plaxton Profilenon-standard
DC58 WALCwmgwiliDennis Javelin / Plaxton ProfileDavies Coaches
DC10 WALCwmgwiliBova FuturaDavies Coaches
DC60 WALCwmgwiliMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahDavies Coaches
DC55 WALCwmgwiliMAN / FAST StarterWhite
DC12 WALCwmgwiliKing Long XMQ6800Davies Coaches
WTL 642CwmgwiliVolvo B9R / Plaxton PantherDavies Coaches
DC61 WALCwmgwiliNeoplan TourlinerDavies Coaches
JIL 2433CwmgwiliNeoplan TourlinerDavies Coaches
JIL 7657CwmgwiliNeoplan TourlinerDavies Coaches
PIL 9276CwmgwiliScania OmniExpressHodge's
SIL 6477CwmgwiliScania OmniExpressHodge's
DC11 WALCwmgwiliVan Hool AlicronDavies Coaches
DC13 WALCwmgwiliVan Hool AlicronDavies Coaches
DC62 WALCwmgwiliNeoplan TourlinerWhite
DC63 WALCwmgwiliNeoplan TourlinerDavies Coaches
SUI 2037CwmgwiliMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahSilver
TUI 3630CwmgwiliMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahWhite
OU17 ORZCwmgwiliNeoplan TourlinerGrey
DC17 WALCwmgwiliMercedes-Benz Atego / Noone TurasCity Circle
M50 FOSCwmgwiliIveco Daily / Caetano OmegaGrey
DC19 WALCwmgwiliIveco Daily / Ilesbus TourismGrey
DC18 WALCwmgwiliFord TransitSilver
DC68 WALCwmgwiliFord TransitBlue
DC69 WALCwmgwiliTemsa SafariDavies Coaches
DC23 WALCwmgwiliIveco Daily / Ilesbus GlanceGrey