Shuttle Buses

N.B. This list is incomplete.

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Updated 02 May 2022

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7N7 SBLKilwinningOptare SoloShuttle Buses
105N5 SBLKilwinningOptare SoloSPT orange/grey
6CU06 AWGKilwinningOptare SoloShuttle Buses
125YJ56 ATKKilwinning (r)Optare SoloSPT orange/grey
GSU 483KilwinningVolvo B12B / Plaxton PantherShuttle Coaches
19MX08 DHEKilwinningOptare SoloShuttle Buses
GSU 342KilwinningScania / Irizar PBShuttle Coaches
8YJ59 PKFKilwinningOptare SoloShuttle Buses
9YJ59 PKOKilwinningOptare SoloShuttle Buses
116YX10 AXFKilwinningVolkswagen Transporter / Bluebird TucanaSPT orange/grey
22SE62 XFNKilwinningOptare Solo SRShuttle Buses
14YJ62 FXZKilwinningOptare Solo SRShuttle Buses
118YX13 BWAKilwinningFiat Ducato / Bluebird OrionSPT orange/grey
18YD63 VDYKilwinningOptare Solo SRShuttle Buses
112YD63 VFBKilwinningOptare Solo SRSPT orange/grey
115YJ16 DYBKilwinningOptare Solo SRSPT orange/grey
117YJ66 AOFKilwinningOptare Solo SRSPT orange/grey
20YJ66 AOKKilwinningOptare Solo SRShuttle Buses
24YJ67 FZHKilwinningOptare Solo SRShuttle Buses
25YJ67 FZKKilwinningOptare Solo SRShuttle Buses
21LM18 URGKilwinningMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor StrataShuttle Buses
23LL19 PWOKilwinningMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor StrataShuttle Buses
119LO19 WBLKilwinningMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor StrataSPT orange/grey
120LO19 WBMKilwinningMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor StrataSPT orange/grey
121LO19 WBNKilwinningMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor StrataSPT orange/grey
122LO19 WBPKilwinningMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor StrataSPT orange/grey
123LO19 WBTKilwinningMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor StrataSPT orange/grey
124LO19 WBUKilwinningMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Mellor StrataSPT orange/grey