Watermill Coaches

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Updated 08 May 2024

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SN03 OAEFraserburghMercedes-Benz VarioWhite
W999 WCSFraserburghMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton CheetahWhite
SF04 EKUFraserburghMercedes-Benz Vario / Plaxton Beaver 2White
HSV 725FraserburghVolvo B12M / Plaxton ParagonWhite
MX06 GVGFraserburghMercedes-Benz Vario / MellorBlue
FT10 KUPFraserburghMercedes-Benz VarioWhite
WM10 LLLFraserburghBova FuturaWhite
SN60 AOYFraserburghBova FuturaWhite
GXZ 2711FraserburghBova FuturaWhite
M8 SKYFraserburghBova FuturaWhite
MFZ 9366FraserburghFiat Ducato / Bluebird Orionnon-standard
S222 BUSFraserburghMercedes-Benz Sprinter / UnviWhite
WM13 LLLFraserburghVDL Futura 2White
VRY 357FraserburghVDL Futura 2White
SN13 GGJFraserburghMercedes-Benz Vario / Unvi ClassicWhite
SD63 EUVFraserburghPeugeot Boxer / Bluebird OrionBlue
WM14 LLLFraserburghVDL Futura 2White
WM12 LLLFraserburghVDL Futura 2White
WM15 LLLFraserburghVDL Futura 2White
WM55 LLLFraserburghVDL Futura 2White
SF65 CZWFraserburghMercedes-Benz Atego / Indcar NextWhite
SO65 LRFFraserburghWright StreetLite DFWhite
SN16 DHCFraserburghNu-Track Nu-VibeWhite
WM17 LLLFraserburghIveco Daily / Unvi Compa
WM68 LLLFraserburghMAN / Mobipeople ExplorerWhite
SK19 EYJFraserburghWright StreetLite WFWhite
WM69 LLLFraserburghYutong TC9White
WM70 LLLFraserburghVDL Futura 2White
RJ21 UCVFraserburghMercedes-Benz SprinterGrey
RJ21 ULCFraserburghMercedes-Benz SprinterGrey
RJ21 ULDFraserburghMercedes-Benz SprinterGrey
RJ21 UYWFraserburghMercedes-Benz SprinterGrey
RJ22 TMOFraserburghIveco Daily / Ilesbus i-CityWhite
WM22 LLLFraserburghMercedes-Benz TourismoWhite
RX72 THKFraserburghMercedes-Benz SprinterWhite
RX72 TWNFraserburghMercedes-Benz SprinterWhite
WM72 LLLFraserburghMercedes-Benz TourismoWhite
SG23 WTRFraserburghYutong TC9White
WM23 LLLFraserburghYutong TC9White
WM73 LLLFraserburghYutong GT12White