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Updated 03 Oct 2023

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NX04 MCLAirdrieVolvo B12B / Plaxton PantherWhite
DX04 MCLAirdrieVolvo B12B / Van Hool AlizeeWhite
XEZ 3357AirdrieOptare SoloWhite
N18 OVAAirdrieBova FuturaWhite
KX09 NCUAirdrieVolvo B12BT / Plaxton PantherWhite
SW09 URJAirdrieVolvo B12BT / Plaxton PantherWhite
S90 ASMAirdrieVolvo B12BT / Van Hool AstrobelBlue
L21 AMCAirdrieOptare SoloWhite
5351 HPAirdrieVan Hool AlicronBlue
NX12 MCLAirdrieScania / Caetano LevanteWhite
AJ62 MCLAirdrieVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteWhite
AJ13 MCLAirdrieVolvo B9R / Caetano LevanteWhite
V555 MCLAirdrieVan Hool AlicronBlue
SP64 LYNAirdrieVan Hool AlicronBlue
L25 AMCAirdrieOptare Solo SRWhite
X555 MCLAirdrieVDL SynergyBlue
S50 AJMAirdrieVan Hool AstromegaBlue
L26 ACEAirdrieMercedes-Benz Sprinter / Noone TurasWhite
AJ67 MCLAirdrieVDL Futura 2White
E21 MCLAirdrieVan Hool AstromegaMegabus
G22 MCLAirdrieVan Hool AstromegaMegabus
AJ19 MCLAirdrieVDL Futura 2White
AJ69 MCLAirdrieVDL Futura 2White
NX69 MCLAirdrieVDL Futura 2White
NX21 MCLAirdrieVDL Futura 2Megabus
RO71 KCGAirdrieMercedes-Benz SprinterWhite
AM23 ACEAirdrieMercedes-Benz SprinterWhite